[How to eat ginger in summer]_Eat ginger_Summer_How to eat

[How to eat ginger in summer]_Eat ginger_Summer_How to eat

Sitting in an air-conditioned room in summer and summer can easily lead to undesirable phenomena such as dampness and heat in the body. In this case, eating some ginger in moderation has a good effect.

There are many ways to eat ginger in summer. The common ones are ginger syrup, ginger milk, ginger vinegar, ginger black tea, cola ginger soup, etc., which are all good choices.

First, how to eat ginger in summer?

1. Ginger sugar water Ginger has the effect of dehumidifying and moisturizing. It can be cut into five or six slices with skin and put in boiling water. After a few minutes, it can be replaced.Add some brown sugar to taste.

Efficacy: It is especially beneficial for people with chills and dysmenorrhea.

Adding ginger to the seasoning alone can’t moisturize.

2. Ginger milk, 1 tablespoon of ginger juice, 200 ml of fresh milk, brown sugar, mix ginger juice, milk and brown sugar, and simmer in water.

Efficacy: Cold in the summer causes colds and colds. You can drink a bowl of brown sugar ginger soup or cola ginger soup while it is hot, which helps to dispel cold.

3, vinegar soaked ginger, slice the ginger, put it in a bottle or jar, pour rice vinegar to pile up the ginger slices, cover it, it is best to use a plastic bag to pack it for better sealing effect

After soaking in the refrigerator for a week, it is ready to eat.

Efficacy: The vinegar soak can reduce the spicy ginger and reduce the irritation of the mouth and stomach. It can be used as an appetizer for breakfast with unique flavor.

4, ginger black tea to take black tea 1?
3 grams, 3 slices of fresh ginger, brew in a tea cup with boiling water, and cover with 焖 3?
5 minutes, drink 1 every day?
2 times.

Efficacy: In summer, people’s digestive function weakens, coupled with air conditioning blowing cold wind, the disorder function is easy to disturb, you can drink ginger black tea to regulate the stomach.

5, cola ginger soup 3?
Cut 5 slices of ginger into shreds, add to the pot, and pour 1 vial of cola. Turn off the heat when boiling.

Efficacy: Cold in the summer causes colds and colds. You can drink a bowl of Cola Ginger Soup while it is hot, which helps to dispel cold.

Diabetics should not drink brown sugar ginger soup or cola ginger soup.

Second, the precautions for eating ginger 1, do not eat too much at a time, 2-3 tablets a day can be eaten in the morning is better.

2. Rotten ginger cannot be eaten. Rotten ginger contains carcinogens, and even the taste of rotting ginger does not change much, but eating it is harmful to the human body and may even cause cancer.

3, people with liver disease, eat as little as possible, ginger contains a small amount of harmful substances “sclarin”, if the liver’s detoxification ability is poor, it will increase the burden on the liver.

4, Yin deficiency should not be eaten.

Ginger is warm, and it will easily consume the fluid, increase the degree of yin deficiency, and make the fluid even stronger. Dry mouth, dry eyes, upset, irritability, and insomnia will appear.

5. People with bad breath eat with caution.

Chinese medicine believes that bad breath is caused by stomach heat. Ginger is warm. People who eat stomach heat will aggravate the crystallized stomach heat and even cause toothache, headache, hemorrhoid bleeding and other symptoms.

6, constipation eat less.

Constipation is mostly gut fever. At this time, if you eat ginger, it will also increase symptoms.

7, people with yellow sputum should not eat.

People with yellow phlegm are because the lungs are hot and dry, the ginger is warm, and ginger can easily aggravate symptoms.