13 questions to care for eye skin


13 questions to care for eye skin

The 30-year-old is a critical stage of eye care. Hold on to this important position of the eye and slow down the appearance of wrinkles and bags under the eyes to maintain a youthful and healthy face.

Some people dedicate themselves to using facial masks, essences, and creams to maintain facial skin, but only apply a layer of eye cream to the eyes. This is not enough for the skin that is easy to leak. It can only be used with eye serum and eye masks.Gives the most perfect care to the skin around the eyes.


hzh {display: none; }  眼霜 眼部护理之主旋律  有个女星说过一句让人记忆犹新的话:饭可以不吃,眼霜却不能不用。Of all the eye care products, eye cream is the most basic and irreplaceable care product. It is transferred to the eye care like the theme of the music.

I believe that there is a bottle of eye cream on the dressing table of a 30-year-old woman.

But is the eye cream you use suitable for you?

Are you applying the eye cream massage correctly?

What eye cream can I afford to afford?

We invite experts to answer your questions.

  ”Is 30 years old now, is it time to change a bottle of anti-wrinkle eye cream?

“If you’re still judging which skin care product to use based on your age, then you really need to make up for it.

The use of this type of eye cream depends on our skin age and skin problems.

Common eye creams come in three sizes: mouth curry, lotion and cream.

They differ in their clarity and nutritional content, and their problems are different.

  Oral curry eye cream is the clearest, excluding oil, if you want to lighten dark circles, replace eye puffiness or solve dry eye lines, oral curry is a good choice.

  Emulsion eye cream is rich in nutrients and relatively light in weight. Its main function is to prevent wear and reduce fine lines.

  Eye creams with cream size are the most nutritious and the thickest. They also point to the more difficult eye problem-eye wrinkles.

  Prompt dry lines?

Fine lines?

Still wrinkles?

  The dry lines, fine lines and wrinkles are mentioned above. Do you know that the lines around your eyes belong to certain lines?

  Dry lines: Lines that appear on the eyes when making expressions. The lines are dense and parallel.

Fine lines: Faintly visible when there is no expression.

Wrinkles: Radiation between lines and lines, without expressions, often appear under the eyes and at the end of the eyes.

“My skin is oily. Should I use a clear gel when the weather is hot?

“This idea is a misunderstanding of the eye skin.

The skin on the eyes is very thin, there are no oil glands, and no more oil will be secreted due to hot weather or skin oil.

There are lotions and creams on the market that are suitable for all skin types, but there are no eye creams for different skin types, which is why.

We should not choose eye cream based on season or skin type, but based on eye problems.

Even for oily skin, if you have fine lines on your eyes, you should apply an eye cream with lotion.



Still aunt!

“The problem of the puppies can be described as a cliché, but they have not been completely solved for so long, so that some people who are prone to puppies give up the eye cream.

In fact, we should not give up the eye cream, it is most important to find the reason for the auntie tablets.

  There are many reasons for seedlings. The first thing to consider is whether the eye cream is too nutritious. If you have fine lines on your eyes, use the thickest anti-wrinkle eye cream, which is indeed easy to cause seedlings.

  Do not increase the amount of eye cream in order to give more nourishment to the eyes. The inability to absorb nutrients is another reason for the long-lasting tablets.  When using the cream, be careful not to bring it to the eyes. The skin on the eyes is very thin and cannot absorb a relatively thick cream, which will cause trace particles.

  The skin around the eyes has tiny wounds due to dryness and other reasons. Fecal particles may also appear during the process of skin self-repair.

People with dry eyes can use the clear mouth to vulcanize and hydrate the skin to relieve dryness before using other functional eye creams.

  Ultraviolet radiation may cause eye cells to mutate and produce trace particles.

Therefore, it is best to choose an eye cream with SPF value during the day.