Consternation, different constitutions, health and well-being

Consternation, different constitutions, health and well-being

Twenty-four solar terms health: horror and horror is the third solar term in spring.

The horror refers to the insects that wake up in the early spring when the spring thunder starts.

This season has entered Zhongchun, the season of peach red, Li Huabai, and birds flying high.

“The seventy-two waiting plan for the month” explains: “Everything is out of shock, and the earthquake is thunder, so it is horrified.”

The 24 solar terms of horror follow the general climate law. Before and after the horror, the weather has begun to warm up, and gradually spring thunder appears. The hibernating animals begin to wake up and unearth.

More and more rain is a good time for spring sowing.

  In spring, people often feel sleepy and weak, sleepy and wake up in the morning. The folks call it “spring sleepy”, which is a normal physiological phenomenon that occurs when the physiological functions of the human body change with the seasons.

Spring returns to the earth, the weather is getting warmer, the blood vessels and pores of the human skin are gradually relaxing, the blood supply is increased, and the secretion of sweat glands is also increased.

However, since the volume of blood in the human body is relatively stable, the supply of continuous blood increases, and the blood supplied to the brain is relatively reduced, so “spring sleepy” occurs.

In the early spring, the yang is gradually growing, and the climate is getting warmer, but the cold weather in the north is not exhausted, the cold air penetrates, and the climate changes greatly.

Therefore, in order to resist the chill of the gradual retreat, people have proposed “Spring Festival.”

This is especially true during the horror.

  ◇ 蛰 蛰 养 : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “Spring March, this is said to be Chen.

Heaven and earth are born, everything is proud.

Get up early in the night, walk in the court, lie in slow, and sigh.

This is to say that in the spring, all things should be revived. They should go to bed early and get up early, walk slowly, and make the spirit happy and healthy.

For areas with rising temperatures in the north, areas with large temperature differences between morning and evening should be kept warm.

Spring corresponds to the liver, such as improper health, it can hurt the liver.

Modern epidemiological investigation, spring is a high incidence of liver disease, should pay attention to liver, liver protection, to prevent the spread of spring infectious diseases.

Spring liver family recipes are simple to do (figure) diet conditioning depends on the changes in the solar terms and the physical condition of each person.

Mainly based on the principle of “spring and summer Yangyang”, you can eat more foods that can raise yang, such as leeks, spinach, leeks and so on.

Spring liver qi is easy to hurt the spleen, so the convulsion season should eat less acid, eat jujube, casserole, yam and other sweets to raise the spleen, can replace jujube porridge, yam porridge.

  According to the almanac: “The Ding Ding is a horror, thundering, and the locusts are all shaking up, hence the name horror.

“Because the weather is getting warmer during the horror, the rain is getting more and more. In addition to the symptoms of “spring sleepy” that are sleepy and sleepy, people will be susceptible to diseases such as liver disease, phlegm and flu at this time.

  Special reminder, convulsions should eat more kidneys to enhance immunity, let the virus, bacteria away from the human body.

In the view of Chinese medicine practitioners, people of different physiques have different health-care methods. The public must distinguish their own physiques, and do not mess around and avoid making mistakes.