A set of yoga weight loss exercises to help you burn your aunt_2

A set of yoga weight loss exercises to help you burn your aunt

Weight-loss exercises for men: Whole body weight-loss exercises: Action 1: Hip, shoulder exercise, put your feet under the cross-joint on a chair, support your arms with your arms, the distance between your hands is slightly wider than your shoulders.

Then bend your arms at an angle of 45 degrees to the back and then support them.

Repeatedly 20?
30 times, do 3?
5 groups.

  Action two: Arm exercise, hold the chair with both hands, step on the ground with both feet flat, and bend slightly, keeping your upper body upright.

Then slowly descend, stop when the elbow joint angle is less than or equal to 45 degrees, and then slowly support it.

Repeat 25?
35 times, do 3?
5 groups.

  Action 3: Abdominal exercise. Sit more in front of the chair, hold the chair backwards with both hands, stabilize the body, tighten the abdominal muscles, slowly leave your feet on the ground, slightly bend your legs, and try to make your body a “v” shape.

Repeat this 30 times and do 3?
5 groups.

  Action four: Thigh, buttocks exercise with one foot on the chair, the other leg supporting the ground, aiming at the slight curvature, keeping the body upright, abdomen and chest.

Then the body slowly descends, it is advisable to support the fracture of the leg not exceeding the toes.

Do 15 on one leg?
Thirty times, exchanging legs.

Do 3?
5 groups.

  Women’s abdominal weight-loss exercises: Coach Guo said that the most likely part of women to gain weight is the abdomen, so the focus should be on exercising abdominal muscles after the holiday.

  Action 1: Put your feet together, stretch your body parallel to your legs, look at the tip of your fingers, tighten your jaw, and lift your upper body 10 to 15 times without sliding.

  Action two: Open your arms, keep your upper body stable, stick your back on the floor, and then raise your calf and thigh at 90 degrees, alternating your legs.

Lead the use of transverse abdominal muscles to lift the leg.

Do 10?
15 times.

  Action three: Put your hands on your ears, open the elbow joint, and slowly raise your body up to a 45-degree angle. Pay attention to the ribs sinking, exhale, and tighten the abdomen.

  Do 10?
15 times.

  Action four: bend your knees, insert your arms into your head and straighten, raise your upper body, tighten your lower abdomen, and swing your arms up and down regularly.

Inhalation swing arm 3?
5 times, exhale and swing the arm 3?
5 times.

Do 10?
15 times.

  Action five: Lift your upper body, support your knees with both hands, alternate your legs, and your calves parallel to the ground.

Do 10?
15 times.

  Note: After doing the action, lie down for a while, relax the abdomen, do not be too intense during exercise, think about the abdominal muscles in the brain.
  Recommended for different groups of exercise programs, children, adolescents exercise program 1.
Mountain climbing, swimming and various ball sports.


Every time I go home, I can go without the elevator.

  3.Cycling, but also a short excursion with a good friend.

  Tips: Pay attention to safety during exercise, don’t go to dangerous places when climbing, have perseverance, don’t give up lightly.

  2. Sports programs for young and middle-aged men and women can participate in mountain climbing, running, swimming, ice skating, skiing, badminton, table tennis, tennis, squash, golf and other sports. You can also go to the gym to do Latin exercises and ride a bicycle.A variety of equipment exercises, under the guidance of the coach to purposefully reduce the burden.

  You can also choose some interesting sports, some kind of long-lost radio gymnastics, kick the shuttlecock 30 minutes after a meal, or walk 40 minutes after lunch.

There are also some regular methods, such as climbing stairs, dancing, cycling, skating, etc.

  Third, the elderly exercise program 1.

Don’t exercise too much.


In the park or the community, you can use the guardrail and grab the guardrail with both hands. The action is still mainly to ease.

Use the wind in your home to hold the wall upright with your hands and slowly stomp your body.

  4.Walking, brisk walking, jogging, Taijiquan, ballroom dancing, senior yangko, etc.

  Tip: The elderly should do some simple preparations before exercise, and do not exercise with illness.

  General rule: The amount of exercise should be guaranteed every day, usually 1 to 2 hours is better.

Exercise is best chosen after 30 minutes after a meal to avoid long-term discomfort.