[Can taro and coriander be burned together]_ making method _ Daquan

[Can taro and coriander be burned together]_ making method _ Daquan

Taro and coriander are foods that people like.

In the South, many people like to eat taro. Taro can be used as a dish or eaten raw.

Taro is tender and delicious, has many uses, and can also boil sugar; 藕 grows in water, is rich in water, crisp and delicious.

Taro and coriander can be cooked together, and the dishes are delicious and unique.

So, how should taro and wonton be burned together?

First, taro taro tastes soft and soft, sweet and glutinous, and its nutritional value is similar to that of potatoes. It also excludes solanine, which is a good alkaline food that can enhance the immune function of the human body and is used as a staple food for cancer.

Taro is rich in mucin saponin and a variety of trace elements, which can help the body distort the physiological abnormalities caused by the lack of trace elements. At the same time, it can increase appetite and help digestion. Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that taro can supplement Zhongqi and is especially suitable for the weak.
But for those with phlegm, sensitive constitution, children with food stagnation and diabetes should eat less.

Taro and duck stuffing: 450 grams of small taro and about 400 grams of duck legs.

Method: 1. Peel and taro the taro, cut the duck pieces, wash and drain the water; heat the pan, fry the taro until slightly yellow and remove.

2. Leave the remaining oil, pour the duck meat and stir fry until the surface is slightly yellow, then add the taro, soy sauce, and fry the sugar until it is colored.

3, heating the water without ingredients, add star anise, pepper, salt, spring onion, boil over high heat, simmer on low heat until the soup is thick, sprinkle with spring onion.

Duck meat has the function of nourishing yin and reducing heat, and it is quite suitable for eating in the early autumn. Paired with seasonal taro to increase nutritional value and enhance human immunity.

Taro meat: 500 grams of pork ribs, 500 grams of Lipu taro.

Method: 1. Peel and slice the taro and fry until the surface is yellow.

2. Put pork with skin into the pot, cook with water until 7 minutes cooked, remove, fry until the skin of the pig is colored, take out the thick slices, and use garlic, south milk, soy sauce, sugar, Sanhua wineSoak and marinate and taste; 3, one slice of taro, one slice of meat are sequentially discharged into a bowl (the skin part is down-sized), pour the bacon and deep-fry, steam in the pan for 1 hour, remove and pour the juice, and then put it on a platein.

4. Put it in another pot, add the decanted juice, add water, soy sauce, moisten the starch and pour on the meat.

Second, lotus roots make fresh lotus roots when autumn, and the weather is dry at this time, eating some lotus roots can transform Yangyin Qingre, moisturize and quench thirst, clear the heart and soothe the nerves.

In addition, lotus root is different in eating and has different effects: it has the characteristics of sweetness and coldness, and it has the functions of removing blood stasis and clearing heat, removing annoyance and thirst, and stopping bleeding and stomach.The soup can make Tongli urinate, clear the heat and moisten the lungs.

Mung bean stuffed lotus root ingredients: 500 grams of lotus root, 100 grams of mung beans.

Method: 1. Wash and soak the mung beans for 2 hours; peel the lotus root and cut it off with a knife near the front end.

2. Pour mung beans into the hole of the lotus root and compact it.

3. Put the lotus root together with the remaining mung beans in the pot, add water, and boil for 1 hour on low heat, boil salt, and cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Remove the lotus root and cut into pieces.

Ingredients for Fresh Roasted Red Date Pork Ribs Soup: 4 ribs (about 500g), 3 sticks (about 250g), 4 red dates, 3 slices of ginger, 4 cloves. Method: 1. Prepare all ingredients

2, chop the ribs into small pieces, soak in water, remove blood.

3. Cut the ravioli into thick slices.

4. Soak in water to prevent discoloration.

5. Put the pork ribs in a cold water pot, stir constantly after boiling, leave the fire after 1 minute, and wash.

6. Put the cleaned pork ribs in a casserole and add a sufficient amount of water.

7, add ginger slices, cloves, cooking wine.

8. After the fire has boiled, remove the foam.

9. Add sepals and red dates.

10, simmer slowly for 1 hour until the meat is crispy.