China-smuggling and drug trafficking in China must be handled in accordance with Chinese law

China: Smuggling and Trafficking in China Must Be Handled According to Chinese Law

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 16 (Reporter Hou Xiaochen) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that on the 16th, Hua Chunying said on the 16th that a Canadian citizen, Schellenberg, was sentenced to death for drug smuggling, said that when the incident occurred in China, he must comply with Chinese lawTo handle this, China will not allow drug traffickers in any country to harm the lives of the Chinese people.

  At a regular press conference on the same day, a reporter asked: After Canadian citizen Schellenberg was sentenced to death by the Dalian Intermediate People’s Court for drug smuggling, Canadian leaders said that China would make a death sentence at will.

Canadian Foreign Minister Freeland has proposed that the death penalty be inhumane and inappropriate.

According to Canadian media reports, as early as 2003 and 2012, Schellenberg was sentenced by Canadian courts for possession of drugs and trafficking in drugs, respectively.

Many Canadian netizens believe that smuggling more than 200 tons of methamphetamine is a very serious crime, and the Canadian government should not provoke diplomatic troubles for such a serious drug dealer.

What is China’s comment?

  Hua Chunying said: I don’t know if the Canadian leaders can explain to their people how many lives will be taken by 222 kg of drugs?

How many families take away happiness?

If it is inhumane and inappropriate for Schellenberg to be sentenced to death for smuggling and drug trafficking 222, is it humane and appropriate to let more people take their lives with drugs?

  She said that the Chinese still have a fresh memory of the dangers of drugs after the Opium War of 1840 and will not allow drug dealers from any country to harm the lives of the Chinese people.

If Sherenberg is a drug smuggler in Canada, we will not care what Canada does.

But if this happened in China, it must be handled in accordance with Chinese law.

  The Chinese judiciary’s decision is just, and the Canadian leader’s observations about the position are too casual, which harms Canada’s image and credibility.

We hope that they respect the rule of law and China’s judicial sovereignty.

Hua Chunying 深圳SPA会所 said.

  In addition, in response to the statement by the foreign minister of the bribery that the Schellenberg case is not applicable to death, and that China has replaced such a rapid conclusion, Hua Chunying said that for socially serious crimes such as smuggling and drug trafficking, the international community ‘s consensus is to severely punish punishments.
The opinions of the Canadian people are also consistent, and the government is required to crack down further. This is the cherishment, respect and protection of people’s lives.

  Hua Chunying said that according to the information released by the relevant Chinese court, the shipment of more than 200 drugs smuggled by Schellenberg was originally planned to be shipped to Australia. Would the Australian side be willing to see the number of human trafficking to refugees?

  She 杭州夜生活网 said that the procedures for handling the Schellenberg case were strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China, and relevant legal procedures were initiated, and there were no procedural violations.

During the trial, the Dalian Intermediate People’s Court protected the rights of defense lawyers to read the papers according to law.

The court opened the case, formed a collegiate panel, and served the information in a combined manner, including the notice and the time and place of the hearing, all in accordance with the time limit stipulated in the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China.

Original Title: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Smuggling and Trafficking in China Must Be Handled According to Chinese Law