Do some anaerobic exercise to lose weight more effectively


Do some anaerobic exercise to lose weight more effectively

Anaerobic exercise refers to the movement of muscles at high speeds in an “anoxic” state.

Most of the anaerobic exercise is a high-intensity, momentary exercise, so it is difficult to continue, and the time for fatigue elimination is slow.

The biggest feature of anaerobic exercise is that oxygen intake during exercise is very low.

Because the speed is too fast and the explosive power is too strong, the sugar in the human body can’t be decomposed by oxygen, and has to bear the “oxygen-free energy supply.”

銆€銆€Common anaerobic exercise programs include: running, weightlifting, throwing, high jump, long jump, tug-of-war, muscle strength training, etc.

For a long time, about aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, which is more beneficial to weight loss, everyone called it different.

Both sides have their own opinions and have their own theoretical support.

銆€銆€The author believes that: effective weight loss, starting from doing anaerobic exercise.

Although the number of people supporting aerobic exercise is relatively large, there are several reasons for the author to stick to his own point of view.

銆€銆€Anaerobic exercise is generally done by doing some weightlifting exercises to train muscles.

During this process, the protein stored in the muscle is broken down, because the human body needs to provide energy to the body by consuming a small amount. Once the body’s storage is decomposed and decomposed, the body’s slightness begins to be consumed.

If you insist on stopping anaerobic exercise, you will find that there are more cockroaches burning during exercise.

If you do aerobic exercise, the body burns directly, it may be easier to get started at first, but if you want to keep this small result, you can’t be lazy for a moment, otherwise the excess residue will continue to be converted into sputum and stored in the body.It is.

Weeding still needs to remove the roots. If you want to eliminate cockroaches, you have to eliminate the source of cockroaches.

銆€銆€At the same time, anaerobic exercise can resuscitate the muscle mass in the body.

Some people may not be aware of this difference, but sports like weightlifting require muscles to have enough energy to store.

After doing aerobic exercise, the body is exhausted, there is no energy and no anaerobic exercise such as weightlifting.

You will know if you try it yourself.

Even a fitness instructor, after doing aerobic exercise, does not have enough physical strength to do weightlifting.

銆€銆€Finally, if you have exercised your muscles before doing aerobic exercise, your body’s metabolic rate will be higher.

For aerobic exercise, once the exercise stops, the newly activated metabolism will slow down.

If you have already exercised your muscles, your metabolism will remain as active even if you stop exercising, because even if your body is still, your body’s muscles will burn a lot of calories.

銆€銆€So, before jogging, try lifting weights and lifting the dumbbells.

While you are physically fit, you will feel that the body is very easy, but the final effect is better than you think.