GEM down?

Recorded the biggest decline in January, northward capital continued to sell for 4 days

GEM down?
Recorded the biggest decline in January, northward capital continued to sell for 4 days

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  Original title: ChiNext is down?

The index recorded the largest decline in nearly January. After four consecutive days of northbound capital selling, a deep V reversal was staged yesterday. On Wednesday, the GEM continued its strength again, running at a low level throughout the day, and it fell even more in the afternoon.

66%, the largest one-day drop in the last month.

  On the whole, the counterweights of banks, real estate, steel and other sectors have strengthened against the trend, to a certain extent, they have an axial protective role, so the Shanghai Index has clearly resisted the downturn.

  In terms of trading, the A-share market continued to be hot, and the turnover of the two cities again exceeded 1 trillion yuan.

  Tumbled 4.


GEM recorded the biggest drop in the past month, and the turnover of the two cities broke one trillion. GEM continued its strong momentum on Wednesday.

  Market data shows that the two markets were relatively resistant to losses in the early morning on Wednesday. The Shanghai index once rose, and only the GEM fell through. The major indexes fell rapidly after 1:30 in the afternoon. The GEM experienced multiple rounds of declines, ending the closing, and the Shanghai Stock Index fell below 3000Integer mark, drop 0.

83%; SZSE Component Index plunged 3.

02%; SME index fell 3.


  The biggest decline was the GEM index.

Market data show that the index closed down more than 100 points, a big drop of 4.

66%, the largest one-day drop in the last month.

  The GEM turnover was 275.7 billion yuan, a significant decrease from the previous trading day.

  In the specific sectors, electronics, Internet, medicine and other popular sectors fell the most.

Ships, construction and other sectors have grown against the trend.

Real estate, steel, banks and other weighted sectors bucked the trend.

  In terms of concept stocks, the Air Force’s 5G concept, which has been leading the rise for several trading days, went out today, and the National Securities 5G Index plummeted 5.


  In terms of stocks, there were more than 100 stocks in the two cities, and the closing limit was the highest in the recent period.

  The decrease in inventory of the two cities with the highest turnover appeared.

Similar to yesterday, the turnover of Oriental Fortune, BOE A and ZTE also exceeded 10 billion.

However, all three of the above stocks fell sharply today, of which BOE A fell as much as 7.


  The continuous net sales of Beishang Funds gradually surpassed 20 billion yuan. Instead, before the market as a whole has shrunk sharply today, the capitals of Beishang Funds have shown continuous net sales.

  Data show that on Wednesday, Northbound Funds net sold 67 again.

2.7 billion US dollars, this is the fourth consecutive trading day for Beijing Capital’s funds to show a net sale, 4 days of net sales of 213.

8.4 billion.

  Under the shock of the continuous plunge of US stocks, the 合肥夜网 major Asian and Pacific stock markets fell again on Wednesday. On Tuesday, Eastern time, the three major US stock indexes closed down for the second consecutive day, of which the Dow fell 3.

15%. Following the plunge of more than 1,000 points on the previous trading day, the Dow fell another nearly 900 points, the lowest since October last year. The two consecutive days of declines caused the Dow to cause the cumulative increase of 3 months to be completely wiped out., Also has a significant impact on other global stock markets.

  Affected by this news, in addition to A shares on Wednesday, other major Asian and Pacific stock markets also fell significantly.

  Japanese stocks fell further, with the Nikkei 225 index falling 0 on Wednesday.

79%, the second consecutive trading day closed below the half-year line.  South Korean stocks, Singapore stocks, and Taiwan stocks also fell.

  Hong Kong stocks also continued to fall on Wednesday.

  What is the market outlook for A shares and overseas stock markets under the impact of the epidemic?

  Guangzheng Hang Seng’s strategic point of view is that as a whole, the focus of monetary policy will gradually shift to credit investment in the medium and long term, and it is recommended to focus on performance-supported targets in the medium term, and then continue to focus on the progress of the epidemic and related policies.

  Tianfeng Securities’ strategic point of view points out that data show that the fund’s issuance volume reached a new high in four years (2016 to date) last week. The agency ‘s February 19 report had put forward the following views: 1. From the historical situation,The high point is not a one-to-one correspondence with the market’s staged apex, it may also be the staged bottom of the market, and the issuance of explosive funds is obviously directional to the performance of the market before and after the point in time.

  2. The current boom in the fund market and the steady increase in stock accounts have actually changed the trend of household savings transfers and relocations: in the context of increasing individual stocks ‘rise and fall, and higher returns on equity public fund products,Residents are more worried about the fund entering the market instead of directly stock speculation.

  3. Looking forward, in the current macro-scale excess liquidity environment, it may continue to be maintained, at least until the counter-cyclical policies are fully implemented (loans and bonds are issued in large numbers), but the liquidity released in the previous period may be extended and the most lenientThe time may gradually pass, with the possible exception of a sharp rise in the index, but the individual stocks and themes in the technology sector may continue to be active.

  Huaxin Securities pointed out that the A-share market is expected to continue to be strong against the background that the Shanghai Index has not effectively fallen below the 5-day moving average. Although it may be possible to adjust the pressure due to continuous breakthroughs, the current structure of A-shares has started.The trend of the market, for investors’ top priority, continue to focus on the medium and long-term strategic allocation, ignore the short-term fluctuations of the index.

In terms of configuration, Huaxin Securities believes that although the pharmaceutical sector will directly benefit from the epidemic in the short term, the higher prosperity in the early stage will be relatively limited by the impact of the epidemic.
The 5G industry chain, the new energy vehicle industry chain, the media, and the computer sector are still working hard to become the main driving force for the rising market in the future.

  For overseas markets, Everbright Securities’ strategic view is that the completion of a round of “transition-rebound-structured” market changes in China’s A-share and Hong Kong stock markets around the Spring Festival will definitely provide a reference for the recent development of overseas markets.

The capital market will be continuously impacted before and during the rapid development of the epidemic.

The current fluctuations of global US stocks are also at this stage-the second major decline in US stocks on the 25th is related to the US CDC warning of the risk of the US domestic epidemic, and the decline in US stocks on the 25th is also due to this.

This also means that the current market evolution is mainly related to the epidemic situation, which has transformed into the deployment of epidemic prevention measures and the relative clarity of the epidemic situation (after more active detection, inspection and quarantine measures, the epidemic situation is no longer developed “under the water”State), there is also a high probability that market fluctuations will follow, and may even rebound due to policy drivers.

  Everbright Securities believes that there is an excessive and excessive panic over the short-term market volatility.

Take action to recognize that international investors have previously underestimated the development of the epidemic itself, as well as the risks of the epidemic and the impact of epidemic prevention measures on the global economy, and are currently raising it.

But at least, do n’t forget that the impact of the epidemic on the economy cannot escape the periodic rules, and at the same time, you cannot reuse the hedging effect of macro policies on the impact of the epidemic.

  Everbright Securities pointed out that the market is still in the process of reflecting the rapid upward movement of risk aversion, and the US stock market, which is estimated to be at a high level, repeats the risk of short-term centralized adjustment of the market for 1-2 weeks, which cannot be completely ruled out.

In the medium term, in addition to the volatility risk itself, the growth logic of the US stock market-the possibility of liquidity and the “complementary complementarity” of the economic foundation being overturned, and the core potential risk of the US stock market-upward corporate leverage cannot reach a sufficiently dangerous level(Although there is a trend of deterioration in the two structural dimensions of large and small enterprises and the industry).