rab, then, face disdain,” is doing hard working day, is not diligent day, his own tired, go home and not eat rice in our house!”

  Pei Naochun did not say anything, Li Xiuzhi say is a big problem under the existing commune system, doing manual work points are counted, and this work, also considered very rough, probably, did desperately and fish i上海夜网n troubled waters, as long as the can decent so-so on the face, it can get work points, the problem is that long ago abolished the communal dining hall, each back home, and eat each household, when you stage a Pinlelaoming, back on the body affected, and eat their own food, honest work, and had become stupid, inflexible, lazy is correct.
  According to Pei Naochun future people’s thoughts, he can say a bunch of great truths, but also better able to shout slogans, components can be faced with today’s dinner, and speed around people work in the afternoon, he suddenly could not say the.
  Collective greater than days, everyone had to strive, may have enough to eat, but also how it is collective?
  ”If it is built, certainly not so foolish.”Li Xiuzhi grumbling,” and children who do not know and maybe learn, do not know his head a little广州桑拿网 work!”
  Pei Naochun hear impatience: “He built next to it too?The two of us can not hole out of work when the building is not hard to build and.”
  Li Xiuzhi was amused: “It can do the same?To build a good school, but to stay in town after people, they may not be able to come down to earth eat grain, but also led tic苏州夜网ket roll it better!”She took some envy, something like this industry volume, after they had first urban and rural, that is to say, they can never be assigned to the hands of these people, if they need someone, too petty theft of food to get the real deal , cloth votes enchant it!”After the completion of the Offer is big, we have to expect him to do!”She put it categorically.
  ”He is our breath and then follow the boss.”Pei Naochun not find enough time to receive memory, he had learned to r