take their food, which is not to the destination chopsticks, stopped in the air, how he felt, he two sons also eat than eating sowing broadcast it?

  ”Sigui reincarnation of it?Eat in this way.”Li Xiuzhi watching two sons, a fire in my belly, I collapse this kid and teenagers eat, although maybe the child can work, but eat too much, and no深圳桑拿网w to please his wife, and there are actually dare requirements?Get back to the wife, that’s more than a mouth to eat, actually have to call her money to buy things!Why ah!
  Pei Jian accustomed to being scolded, did not get angry: “hey, Mom, I’m going to wash the dishes.”He took the bowl of himself and his brother, Ma will slip to the back yard and the fear of letting Mom is not happy, he grew to know, Mom angry, or to go obediently to the call, or to go far away point.
  Pei building sitting on a chair coming along, would like to speak, but could not speak, he looked at Li Xiuzhi, unconsciously out of the sweat.
  ”I am not your brother go and wash the dishes?If so busy, doing something to live on, so I sit here and wait ah?”Li Xiuzhi white eye Pei building, she does not like the two sons of lukewarm fresh all day grinding mill chirp, not as a woman of her neat.
  ”I’ll go.”Pei building one, did not dare to stay, Mangwang back yard, going to RBI the well water, for use tomorrow.
  Obviously meal is ended, can stomach still empty, but two children are eating and Li Xiuzhi meet, what he does not say, not put down the chopsticks, I heard faint voices Li X北京风月网iuzhi next: “Husband, you look at , maybe children, on this stupid brain, can make a flowers?Expect them to pick the right wife, I might as well come.”
  ”Look at them now, wife not to discuss it, we have to work dignitaries reminder, just in case and then find a lazy wife back.”Li Xiuzhi forced snorted,” We were able to have a better life?”
  Pei Naochun silent for a moment, carefully persuasion: “You see, maybe children, and more diligent work every day ah.”
  ”That was stupid!”Li Xiuzhi g