for my mother Dafan.

  Pei Naochun some of the reactions, logically, it should not be two children to do Dafan?Again he experienced a few in the world, respect for elders are placed very important position, they are generally the first to Dafan elders, how the child hit the truth?
  But soon, he doubts they will have the answer.
  Li Xiuzhi took the bowl, spoon single hand, particularly professional way, that she first semi-circular spoon into the bowl, mix the two, then put up the best from the bottom, not half the time , but also hard to shake the two, and finally hit full of a spoon, put his son’s bowl.
  If he did wrong, this is苏州夜网 clearly the grain shake off the bar?Pei Naochun blinked, looking intently at the.
  Li Xiuzhi did not care about his eyes, repeated this action several times, while ensuring the two sons bowl grain of rice, but also give the greatest degree of rice soup, rice soup that floats on top of the pumpkin, from start to finish, it decline to her spoon, so after the children’s meal, naturally play a couple, li Xiuzhi very fair, one half, two squash Pei Naochun, her one, two bowl of rice it very real, a small bowl of rice , more than half bowl of soup, in short, than his son’s, it looks more to go.
  Two sons quite accustomed to holding jobs sitting position, looked on helplessly Pei Naochun, etc. Under his order, to begin with rice.
  Pei Naochun want some points to two sons, may just arrived, he did not want to make too much damage to normal beha佛山桑拿vior, so they acquiesced in everything, he just picked up the chopsticks, then across two son at an alarming rate, a clean sweep stand up –
  Yes, I saw Pei Pei building and construction to operation quickly, quickly clip from the plate in a few chopsticks dishes, head thrown into his bowl, then put down the chopsticks, raised their bowls, gulp, if you do not take their food, they even chopsticks do not have tools to estimate ManDaManSuan no three-minute effort, a bowl of rice is over?
  Pei Naochun was about to