e is no resentment, with their parents instructions, lighting up their home.

Chapter 39 in the text’s eccentric father (four)?(six)
  Church house stood Zhang large wooden table legs, respectively, stood next to the bench four bars long, already with meal time, work on for a long time, Home is already hungry, Pei Naochun seated just南宁桑拿 did not take long, kitchen get away with it, and Pei Pei building built to behind Li Xiuzhi, carrying food on the table.
  Lying on the table altogether on two dishes, a fried bean sprouts, a cucumber sauce, and was brought to the table, as well as Banpen porridge – said the porridge is forcing up it is more appropriate adjective, probably broth rinse rice , also stood thirty-two inside the pumpkin, cut quite small, there is no longer the little finger.
  Two kid and teenagers, a strong labor, there is a grown woman, eat such a point?Pei Naochun his face does not look good, remembering the memory of the original body of the scene, too, that in this day and age, lack of material supply, the village head of collective work, collective points of grain altogether so much, each and every family live within our means, not dare to eat a litt深圳桑拿网le, a few years ago most turbulent time, jittery, private chickens are washed well, ever hungry people, private plots also attend to what kinds of fruits and vegetables, eat all the dignitaries to focus on energy corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fresh vegetables and meat, it is not even think, like their home to at深圳桑拿网tend a lecture like this can spur of the moment, the conditions are considered good.
  ”Every day we dawdle, but also I serve you.”Li Xiuzhi one hand akimbo, the other hand holding a long-handled wooden spoon roots, staring two sons.
  ”Mom, sorry, do not be angry.”Pei Jian to talk at once, I do not know why tugged brother has been in a daze, he hurriedly handed bowls of red curry favor with mother smiled, Pei building go past God, obediently followed behind his brother, the bowl on the table on, waiting