At that time the mother angry, they have trouble better days.”

  Yes, but if that Li Xiuzhi, not brainwashing, and will start trouble, strike first at home, then cynical every day, hopping cursed, even lying on the ground Sapo, this last shijiazi always surrender.
  ”Yes.”Pei building mouth twitched, ugly smile, his position is far in the pa深圳桑拿网st, can vaguely see figure Bifang work, but he did not know, he can not guard this feeling good two.
  Pei to build their own did not understand her brother’s melancholy, his hand on his brother’s shoulder, trying to give him some power transfer: “Mom and Dad will definitely give us find a good girl, you have to believe the 深圳桑拿网eyes of parents.”In his mind, his parents did not do a bad place, all parents said, he heard.
  ”Nice.”But that is not necessarily my favorite girl.Pei building did not answer the phone, open buried alive, “do not say, fast work, and save parents tired.”He suddenly some think Grandma, if Grandma is still, for he would talk it?No one will, he was quickly thrown to the idea, from my grandmother left, one to three years, and then the mother will not allow them to raise the matter grandmother, even if mention angry.
  Pei and Li Xiuzhi Naochun one after the underground, the son and the two did not get in a word, to work quietly, Pei building more and more restless mind is, can not dare to ask such question, only keeping everything inside.
  Pei Naochun the past, only seen in documentaries on the brain light farm work, they are th苏州桑拿网at age, already has a fully mechanized farming, without the use of any human, and this honest human work methods, he was quite novel, be doing the doing, after all, he gradually felt tired when sweat, he could not resist a little hold up the body, from a distance with the head has been hard work, not chat did the rest of the building and Pei Pei was built to his palace a lot of emotion.
  Two men, have not clear to twenty, like a child it.How so we can endure hardship?After hardship, yet ther