t my parents would say.

  ”You ah.”Pei building stare eye brother, could not help but asked,” Your mother gave you北京会所体验网 with no thought to see objects look like?”
  Pei to build a remark immediately flushed, his head down while working his mouth: “thought.”
  ”You do not have a favorite girl?”
  ”What do you want to discuss what kind of girl to do wife?”
  ”I will do my parents Italy.”Pei Jian back and forth quite f北京体验网ast, that was from the bottom of his heart, he had not trained since childhood love of people surrounding his parents are eager identity than anyone, my parents wanted to take him to work, even if his body unable to support also dry, with his parents now want to look at objects that parents can be satisfied, so they will be happy now?As long as they are happy enough.
  Pei building frustration, can own brother has always been the case, he has nothing to say, he was hesitant to say the truth: “I am not very good for you and Bifang?”
  ”Which Bifang?”Pei Jian did not react to the surrounding several villages and large have such a point of kinship, to take away the name of taking on so few, patriotic to have a five or six, but also the construction of three or four, he knows there are two Bifang it.
  ”Su Bifang!Susan Shu home!”Pei building an深圳桑拿d stared eye brother, then quickly deflated,” mom and I, and my favorite of her.”
  ”That’s very good ah, good looking people Tanya Pitt and gentle.”Ting Pei built to support,” the mother how to say it?Mom Tanya Pitt certainly like it?You let Mom help you to propose marriage is not enough?”
  ”I’m worried about this.”Pei building sighed, with a hoe hoeing especially when using a point of strength, like to vent their feelings, ‘Mom does not seem Italian Bifang, I fear that I do not want to marry her mother.’He sounds exceptionally low, bad mood.
  Pei also just a mouthful of support to build immediately changed direction: “If the mother does not agree, your brother or forget it, do not mess with mother angry.”He said in earnest,”