chun does not agree, he just said: “You wait, and so I asked to say.”

  ”OK, you are great, you ask, I do not care!”Li Xiuzhi immediately turned to go out, walk like a tiger, arrogant, like floor tiles that should have trampled, of course, is to say hard words, how can she not think my heart, waiting for her husband to find her move hand surrender obediently listen to her schedule, anyway, this money, she strongly disagreed with flowers!This money she had saved for the completion of good, and that time if 杭州桑拿they wish to discuss the completion of the angel, she would get back to helping!
  In recent years, becoming the limelight too, captain doing manual requirements are also less stringent, requirements can be completed on time as long as live, in the middle a little rest, he is also an eye, close one eye.
  Kurtis two brothers are ground thoroughgoing, just somehow, Pei Li Xiuzhi suddenly took hold Naochun, said some things to say, let the two of them to come to work every day, two brothers did not suspicious, they first came, they came honest, work hard, even going to cook together with parents.
  ”To build, you say Mom and Dad say?”Pei building in the heart anxious, he stopped at the side of his brother, could not help but asked, and he grew up in a small Subi Fang, a very good relationship, be like-minded, to look at objects with age,北京夜网 he hold back and hold back, did not hold back and mother spoke up.
  But that day he would say, his face visibly Li Xiuzhi at once on the black, he is not dare to say anything, had obediently leave, he heard yesterday Bifang say, Mom Trustee to her house to ask after today and dad is not to say these things?Mom how he can not leave it to stay a?Pei building a sense of foreboding heart, they know their mother, he always felt that this thing can not become like.
  Pei to build lean body than the big brother in a circle, but also work hard, sweat, and he has shares tenacity, although tired, always insisted: “I do not know.”He did not know wha