, the girl, I despise.”

  Pei Naochun lengleleng, exhort: “Su girl, brother, good condition, we are in a village, can also help each other do not?”This year 南宁桑拿people, like brothers and many girls encounter things, strength in numbers, can help.
  ”What’s the use, not have to spend money.”Li Xiuzhen obsessed with complaining, the Pei Naochun stared at, not angry, usually do not say anything other than total?This time how so many words, full of talk back.
  ”Besides, this is not a building like it?He grew up very obedient, rare Tidianyijian, as he said you would do it again.”Pei Naochun exhort.
  Too, this time Li Xiuzhi finally detonated the bomb, the other side glare: “He’s like, like heard him, and how I do this shit, do not point the Lord?”
  ”No, I do not mean.”It should be no reason for receiving the memory of it, at once Pei Naochun somewhat at a loss to see this battle, a bit overwhelmed.
  ”You mean, how to, before your mother at the time, I was a bad wife, mother and now I do, an深圳桑拿d want to give yourself a good wife does not work that way?”She quickly find arguments to attack,” You put your light, which married his wife back to over a lifetime, xiaonianqing, you know to see the face, which know to live, to marry, when to come back, and I was looking at every day face, I looked at not liking what’s going on and what?”
  ”That’s not this building marry a wife, the couple have been together for a lifetime yet?”Ting Pei Naochun persist in much of the original body memory, come back later married a wife, not a bad guy, the couple can be considered a life together, after all, is the son of the original wreck duck, to have such an opportunity, he still feel his son should ask, “Do you want me to ask construction?”
  ”Ask what to ask!”Li Xiuzhi first fierce, he suddenly relented, quite kindly, and her husband said,” you know, this age child, but did not get it, you let them call the shots, in all likelihood they have done something wrong , or are we to call the shots!”
  Pei Nao