her two children, it was every day something wrong, not stupid, Li Xiuzhi three days a small curse, five days a cursed, it is hard to tell exactly which one this time.

  Li Xiuzhi catch his breath, he went on: “He actually said to me that he wanted to marry the daughter of the old Soviet Union three.”She said that, anger up, turned a supercilious boss,” the girl so what good?Ass is not, one can not fruitful, not that soft white point, it looks nice point?Good-looking can eat it?Married to come back to work, I still have to wait on her?”
  This time Pei Naochun react, and this time enter the time not too early not too late, it was Li Xiuzhi two children to find object上海419论坛s in the mouth when he was silent, did not say anything, of course, I did not expect too Li Xiuzhi puzzle kind of husband would say anything, she continued to reel off, like a stand-up comedy.
  ”Su girl, to say, you know what to do dowry?”
  ”What dowry?”Pei Naochun no idea of the price of this age.
  ”I will open a sewing machine, and said do not pick, second-hand also, more than that, it also cloth votes!Her beauty bar!I do not even angel.”
  Pei Naochun confused, he vaguely remember the village customs point: “This machine will accompany the ass?Cloth votes do not all half-half?”The village has a lot marriage habit, often said half half, means that half of the cloth to the bride votes repairing clothes, half of it to her parents left, the bride price to large, will follow the bride to come back, as the volume of money or votes, they have to see her parents in mind, March 7, there are half and half, if it is to make money selling her daughter, just to mention the general volume of money or votes will advance that no longer accompany back, otherwise the wedding day have to fight.
  Li Xiuzhi dumb dumb, momentum quickly and high up, she snapped: “com深圳桑拿网e back to accompany not spend my money?Buy a sewing machine easy ah!”She Zhao Xifu are not your ancestors, even if the machine back, is it her ah?”Anyway, I do not