e but he has never been.

  His heart full of regret, look at everything happe南宁桑拿ned, he finally wake up, he found everything he did, is all wrong, may regret it, it was too late, he broke the hearts of children, and even people called him they live together, choose to stay with old wife, alone and living a life of two people, atonement.
  To dying that moment, standing in front of him, face red with crying, snot and tears, but still he had never gets in the eyes of the children, as he and the old wife as a baby, still in prison, even the death of his father the news can not know.
  He regretted, very sorry!
  ”I hope that in this life you can for me, a good deal with construction, to build.”The old man finished his life, already tears, he said that, paused, began again,” but also help to build, do not let him to go the wrong way, and if we can also persuade Xiuzhi, multi-speak to her, this is not enough.”
  He lau广州桑拿网ghed quite hard look: “You’ve worked hard.”
  Pei Naochun nodded and looked at the soul a little bit lost in space, without a trace, closed his eyes, ready to enter a new assessment of the world.
  ”It’s mad at me, this dead child, is not sensible.”
  Pei Naochun has not opened his eyes, felt the people around in pushing himself, he looked lost ambiguous past, the eye is about thirty years old woman almost 40 years, the skin is not white, station in front of him, what Tuomohengfei said, he knew this person, this is the original body of his wife, Li Xiuzhi.
  He calls the memory of the tone answer: “how, Xiuzhi?”
  ”You talk about, but also why, it is not because the construction of this mixed kid!”Li Xiuzhi not angry, hands on his hips breath, the weather is not cold nor hot, life and she scolded a sweat.
  ”The child is doing the cons南宁桑拿truction?He’s very sensible.”Pei Naochun not been able to receive a full memory, he looked at Li Xiuzhi, suggesting that the time at this time, but in the original body of argument, in addition to the younger son Pei Jiancheng, the ot