Seconds, the phone backhand cap on the desktop.

  This is what a woman.
  If a Muslim child star began to smell Sakura did not know why she would be forced to reason that wedding soy sauce, until she appeared Li Yiming all understand.
  Everything string together, Li Yiming Lin Cheng and Chen Fang Qing good friend, after all, he did not even double what the two men on the way ideas are aware that this wedding he will come.
  Her mother gave her the opportunity to manufacture.
  Li Yiming looked at her in front of everyone’s face approached, the child star Mu which things have never felt like this thing that made her so sorry.
  Why did she want to temporarily loose tongue confess to her mother she had a crush on Li Yiming!
  ”What a coincidence.”Li Yiming stand by her side, even if doing nothing can attract enough attention.
  Although Mu child star who usually fall line of sight to many, but this sight will explore the ambiguous and Li Yiming put together her, she is extremely uncomfortable.
  She did not like the feeling of this passive.
  Around the line of sight gradually make her feel at a loss, only Muslim child star struggling spirit and chat with him, “Yes ah, I did not think you would come.”
  ”My friend got married, I do not come.Justified.”Li Yiming funny smile, such as the peacock-like, intends to attract her attention.
  Mu child star