Dilute also able to see the tears.

  That rang night Diqi is repeatedly echoed Chu Zheng ears, he unconsciously clenched his fists.
  Chu Tan Yin Zheng carefully lifted the body of thin quilts, that the white skin and a purple one traces the greater is his last night on how to do things better than animals.
  Even on the sofa, there is a little bit of blood stained.
  Chu Zheng remembered hampered when he entered the body Yin Tan.
 ← Yin and he explained, and she has no relationship Chu Shen, can be drunk himself did not listen.
  Instead, he also took the opportunity by the impulse to make the unforgivable thing..
  Chu Zheng pains, blood-red eyes, nerves Jiyu Bengduan.
  Just when Chu Zheng wanted to kill himself on that last night, the body side of Tan Yin uttered a whisper, slowly opened his eyes open.
  She was cold wake of.
  Last night because it was a home Chu Zheng to enmesh the hands and feet, making Tan Yin not the first time turn up the heat inside the house.
  Chu Zheng drunk is no extra effort to think about the cold in the living room, followed by two more directly spent the night on the couch.
  Though she was wearing a thin quilt, but it is not very frost in the cold night.
  Qin Yin did not how a night sleep well.
  Chu Zheng lift that morning, but also makes direct cold air to Tan Yin’s body