Female students in school uniforms crying, next to the two male teachers and a male student to comfort him.

  ”Lily Li, do not cry, you call the shots for the teacher, the student will not let bad bully you, I ask him to apologize.”Mr. Huang is facing Lily Li’s desk within cajole.
  ”But, that was my grandmother left me a relic, above all for my grandmother say.”Lily Li hand towel to wipe a few tears, then sobbed,” I’ll never see my grandmother, and I miss my grandmother ah.”
  ”I do not cry, do not cry, I told Wu let him come.”Another male teacher Lily Li is sitting in the right to teach their classes in English teacher Zhang Wenyuan.
  ”The young girl, do not hurt, brother revenge for you.”Sitting dressed in uniforms of overlooking Lily Li left the boys in their class is Zhu Qing, this guy is Lily Li of Qin Ge Li.He bit Yaochun, did not want to let go to ruin his sister and grandmother died relics of guy.
  Office of the Dean of the door, leaning on a cane teenager sitting quietly outside the long black leather chairs, this chair is only installed outside the office, mainly to see the parents so that parents sit waiting.Teenage smooth white face reveals angular Jun Gas, Light closed his eyes, as if waiting for what