Where hum laugh loudly, resorted to the killer, “If You Take a step today this House, I.”

  Reserve guard fluent: “I and disinheritance?”
  That’s good, he can and farming go together happy heart.
  ”No,” said Van Bu storage, “and I promise you t-Luo marriage, let you marry his daughter off Luo.”
  He added: “Luo fall looks plump and round, not heavy, two hundred pounds it will.Ah, up to five meters, I have seen, and you are a good fit.”
  Reserve guard: “.”
  Reserve guard: “Well, in the end you want to do?”
  This set of threats are put out, his father must have desires.
  Bu store where distress and said: “Tonight you Luo t about me drink, I do not want to drink.As a middle-aged, in relation to soak Chinese wolfberry tea, drink wine?You stay with him to drink, tomorrow whatever you go, whatever you use helicopter, ten is not enough to buy ten will do.Do not try to run, I do not threaten you, do you want to appear in front of you tonight t-Luo, tomorrow is your wedding anniversary next year’s fall and Luo.”
  ”Well, you blame Luo Shu, each meeting and I have mine and more than anyone else.His house than mine and I can?I would also take into account his pride would not let me home real mine he started crying, really rich people worry ah.”
  Reserve guard: “.”
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