In bed, some vaguely remembered.Before those times do not think anything’s Yang Wei in.

  Yang Wei that it now?
  After some back, but God in his mind to, he was lying in bed, frowning, serious thought for a long time, he stumbled and took the phone.
  He insisted they were about to close my eyelids, Yang Wei turn the phone call in the past.
  Yang Wei looking at their own statistical data, as lively as ever let her coffee, her cell phone suddenly rang, so she could not help but rage, she did not even see who it was, directly answered the phone, she subconsciously believe that it will give her call, Gu Lan is not tweeted summer.
  She angrily: “So most of the night to do what has to call ah?!”
  The other did not speak.
  Song Yang Wei Zhe listening to the sound, in fact, he did not identify in what Yang Wei said, is listening to her voice that moment, he suddenly felt this evening so that he has to wait, do not want to sleep on the grounds, it seems to have found.
  ”go home.”
  He vague opening, listening to the breathing, the storm was no longer blinded.
  Yang Wei lengleleng, Song Zhe, she did not catch anything that can come out of years of training left her acutely aware of the first time, the people who speak slurred speech, Song Zhe