Hands of the girl behind holding a bread and a bottle of water, handed it to him.

  He was quickly picked up in the past lengleleng.
  ”what.Thank you.”
  Girls just want to sit back, heard raised his head and smiled, dimpled cheeks to sink into the soft side.
  ”You’re welcome, you have all worked hard yesterday and today.”
  Bodyguard Big Brother hold for a long time, not saying anything, muffled face turn red with dark back.
  The results of just one looked up, I found them Osamu always with his arms leaning on the back seat, light eyes narrowed, his eyes looking at the cool places.
  Rather, he is looking at the hands of the bread and water.
  ”.”Bodyguard pretended not to see, quietly turned away his head, open the hands of mineral water to drink up.
  And behind, Ding Jiu Jiu just get back on their location, next to the boys looked to one side hears:
  ”I also want.”
  Ding Jiu Jiu: “.”
  ”Poof – Ahem Ahem cough.”
  Front seat bodyguard Big Brother caught off guard choked water, while cough piercing side shocked to see between the two men in the rearview mirror.
  He obviously do not understand, so a trip up and down the car’s time, in the end what happened will they always bring up this title Osamu.
  Ding Jiu