Front of the camera, he could not upset.

  At this time, the doorbell suddenly rang.
  He trotted past the door, accidentally discovered and there stood a girl of his age and stature relatively sturdy, Founder face, hairline worrying but still wearing a high ponytail, laughing very simple and honest:
  ”Health brother, my name is Li Fuling, you can call me Zhuangzhuang, I was sent by the company to your assistant.”
  Forest Health lengleleng, “is the total discipline.”
  ”Yes.”An Qian came from behind Zhuangzhuang” Li Fuling in the future you will be responsible for all the crew size matters, to avoid your diva impression to the outside world, to temporarily send an assistant to help you, not enough manpower in the future and then slowly acquire.”
  Li Fuling came from behind to pull a mobile hanger, above filled with new clothes, suits casual clothes and recent are all valuable, she smiled and said: “Health brother, these are for you personally with total discipline, the house is too small did not put the location, there is a whole cloakroom clothes are placed in another villa, once in a while I’ll come back for you to take part.”
  Lin-sheng some speechless.
  Ann Him for He made a gesture, please, “Ji always commanded, and his accessories you can mix and match, or buy their own favorite will do.Ji always have an important meeting this morning, tied up, while by me personally