, Crisp feel their bones.I sat down on the seat, little sister and Jason enchant the boarding pass and be checked.

  It was early, I went to three cups of coffee Starbucks bought back by carrying the bag they design.
  Little sister sitting on a bench, I handed her the coffee, thought, then stopped halfway thick pad of paper towels in a circle.
  Head crooked little sister to me, “You and I together, there is no happy point?”
  I pinch her ears on both sides of the lift, “as if you are relatively happy point, almost cool to eat tofu flying the occasion.”
  Little sister angrily stared at me, “you are right I feel like a pervert as.”
  My little sister in the face Qinliaoyikou “color in wolves.”
  I do not know where to take back Jason, while pumping side wipes towel, “It’s different with what I expected, I thought she did not like the girl, Yi had only a boyfriend.”
  Little sister rubbed my hair and said to Jason, “I like clawed kitten.”
  MMB hear me rattling deer, I did not expect so innocent.
  ”roll.”From innocent girl, not quite emboldened roar.
  Jason wipes the trash, turned and said, “I like clawed kitten.”