In order to turn a person Yu Miaozi.

  [Daily] on her face
  [Ha ha ha ha ha, little fairy face changed]
  Miu Miu is really the strength of the pit [small] fairy ah
  [This is it warm eccentric Miu Miu?Not to say a dressing room it was two stylists?]
  [Face a real fight, not to explain]
  [Miu Miu or their alone a powder room, this is not what this is favoritism?]
  [Up is shady ah, ha ha ha ha]
  [Ah] worth seeing
  ”Are you here how much make-up artist ah?”Lu seventy-one also wonder, the company’s arrangement is there seen her, ah, you can not be so much more of.Only two people on the bench makeup artist.
  ”I spend money on hiring, ah, ah I count on you to help?That I might as well expect the sun rise in the west easier!!!”Yu Miaozai stare.
  ”Even if you say that the audience will think that we are acting ah.”
  [No, no, that is really a look at Miu Miu]
  [Not ah, I believe Miu Miu]
  [See eye to know Miu Miu is in really]
  [Ha ha ha ha, little fairy you want it black Miu Miu?]
  [Miu Miu seemed really angry ah, little fairy in the end you do what?]

Chapter 217 break fall
  Lu seventy-one look at comments, looking at Yu Miaozi, “I do not agree, you enter the draft, you also participated, also occupied himself a dressing room, and that he hired a makeup artist so much, if I outlaw, you should be hired who are invited to go, you know?also