A group of mainland personnel with the actual performance to dispel his doubts, though they have some knowledge base behind, many things need to re-learn, but hard enough to seriously address these deficiencies.

  The first batch of dozens of academic exchange in the shortest time to communicate the Oriental Institute is three years, it can reach up to five years.If they only six months to a year will be able to meet the requirements to participate in research and development.The next time these can be as cheap labor to Li Xuan.
  Several other R & D centers compared to the Institute, the Hong Kong center stage although the size of the largest.But the development has the potential to severely restrict Hong Kong’s top talent shortage.For example, Silicon Valley research and development center, as long as Li Xuan is willing to throw money.Dr. Masters is one breath to recruit hundreds of top schools is not a problem.However, the total number of related professional graduates every year in Hong Kong, have only a hundred come, not to mention a master’s and Ph.D..
  Mainland steady stream of talent to add just can make up for lack of local cutting-edge talent in Hong Kong dilemma, which is the beginning of a plan Li Xuan.Hong Kong’s attraction of talent United States and Europe are not large, only the Oriental Institute at the start and not well integrated into those of Chinese descent living in the United States, to persuade them to return to work in Hong Kong.But now to be developed in Hong Kong than the mainland, the mainland for most people, Hong Kong is a fast-paced world of capitalism.For everyone’s attraction is not worse than in developed countries.
  ”I asked his colleague to look at a lot of logistical work hard is a good thing, but it should also pay attention to rest, I want to be scolded for exploitation of employees in the back of the black-hearted boss!”Li Xuan smiled and told of the sentence.