, It may have been out of control since the murder, then this should not have the devils letting him continue Liuzaishishang, let alone change the lives of others.

  ”Actually, I think you kinda fun.”I do not wait to speak Qin Bo, Xu Hong first laugh.
  His official position during his lifetime is not low, seen all kinds of people, let alone after the death of so many years, he traveled to many places, and seen more than a lifetime of people, these people’s mind, and he guessed might surmise.
  ”You feel like Fearless, has the power to decide ghosts are not out of their wits; why ghosts can not decide fate of the living?You keep the law requires ghost living, why not ask the living ghosts abide by our laws?In ghost, the student is strong, the weak die.Since you are in the eyes of the ghosts are not your race, you asked us to put the same family as the living is not so funny?”
  Xu Hong voice hardly ever, been applauded Na Nvgui.
  All in all, if not he always reluctant to harm innocent people, such a devils join their team is more than good thing ah.
  ”Come on, it does not matter to you.Everything I do is I want to do, whether I die then, or now I kill people.”Xu Hong applauded not brought her love.
  He glanced seems to want to refute their own