Looked at her eyes moved back to the computer screen.The air is fragrant after bathing, her calf Akira Akira ah ah, even the rabbit ears and went to the head of the movement.

  Quite a while, he put the screen down clasp.
  Joe stared Sheng Deng Yanjing: “Horch, you finish it?”
  He looked up, waved at her, “Come.”
  She jumped out of bed, ran da da da, Horch hand, a fishing her hold her sitting in his lap, Chen Sheng asked: “Is not intentional?”
  Sheng Joe by his sudden about face was flushed and stammered asked: “What.What deliberately ah?”
  She was small and soft in his arms, arms still around his neck, really do not know how terrible.
  Horch not speak, but eye color deeper and deeper, looking around her eyes, whispered: “Well, I was intentional, I washed, and save the image look like to take before you go.”
  He laughed: “how to save?”
  Sheng Joe: “Let what you smell, I smell.”
  Horch: “.”
  He suddenly got up, picked up her tasikmalaya.Sheng Joe was stunned hold this princess, did not react, who has been lying in bed, Horch pressure up, hands still holding her little head, smiled and low: “Light can not smell.”
  Down and kissed her lips.
  Her face was flushed, he can still close my eyes for the first time to respond to him.
  How can you be so happy