My family Yuanyuan.

  Listening to the words I am really unhappy.
  Under pressure Gujiu An brow, his face somewhat cold and temperament with the play Shen know it closer, “Yuanyuan she is very smart, a little acting on the pass, how it will give me trouble.”
  Su Yuan embarrassed.
  The two men can not do Yuanyuan Yuanyuan call her, only her family members call her, listening to strange nauseating.
  Su Yuan Fu is poor and rubbed his hair, very gentle voice: “That’s a relief.”
  This action will close upon his eyes, Gujiu An eye color can not help but sink down, unhappy, really unhappy, needy Fu demonstrations this guy just being with him it.Gujiu An resented teeth itch, and now all of Fu Yuan Su needy kidnapped it to heart.
  Not long after, at the shooting scene.
  Thin Xi called, “a”, the Su Yuan quickly into his new role with Gujiu An.
  Shen know it is the year to recognize the seedlings orphanage after the little girl, once again he came to the house twenty-four hours convenience stores, Shen know it is still wearing a long black coat with her, but this time he did not wear a hat, and It is exposed refreshing cool handsome face.
  Seedlings cold expression, asked: “What to buy Mr.?”
  Shen know it is thought, he said: “I recently insomnia, you shop there