Potential: “That is quite inferior to see who is the young married woman who.”

So saying, she put down the middle to pick up, go directly to bed.
Jiang Chu scared quickly fluttering legs Gurao: “What are you doing it in broad daylight, as well as a positive thing to do!”
“You you you release me, pull my clothes.”
“You do not get too much Yao Ji Wu Wuwu ”
Zhefan a naughty, Jiang Chu did not even eat lunch.
Afternoon of a man finally let go of her, crawled out of bed when his legs are trembling, hardly stand.
Also do a positive thing, she did not know she could not Comin vertically out of the door!
Satiate the other hand, a man has big hands circle her slender waist, do not light not heavy stroking her skin, a hoarse voice: “The hungry yet?”
Jiang Chu stare at him: “hungry!”
Ji Yao see her fried hair, hand, brought back to the lip, approached her and whispered: “You say, who is the young married woman?”
This narrow-minded smelly man, because she turned out to be a joke now to hold a grudge!That is not something his mother Well?She also did not say ah!