Class, white leaves this guy does not like taking pictures, she even made a Duwusiren photos are not.

  Luckily, she is more clever, you do not let my camera, I shot it always can not guard?
  Looking at the photos from this screenshot, the Shangguan Tong laughing sound.
  Next to a tall graceful girl seeing the same table, curious getting in the way, sounds like sounds of nature, gentle watery.
  ”What laughter which?I want a boyfriend ah?”
  Shangguan Tong old blushed, a shy nod.
  ”Look at my boyfriend, handsome bar.”
  That tall woman nodded, still is so gentle, “Yes ah, very good match with How about you.”
  Shangguan Tong satisfied smile, this woman it very same table talking to her hand and said politely.
  ”Hello, how the same table a few days we have not spoken to introduce myself, my name is Tong Shangguan.”
  Female real estate broker extend the same table, and gently shake Shangguan Tong.
  ”Hello, my name is Lin Yueyao.”

171 Chapter president Dai Xin

  Dubai situation, leaves white naturally do not know, even know, he would not have any reaction.
  Today’s Birthdays or quite happy, but Xue Qingqing some strange beginning, not a drop of alcohol