Wu Yi Leng, “Yeah, I should be my aunt and cousin are, but I would have been better than my aunt cousin, she would stroll down the stairs, and my cousin’s house on more.”

An Wei Zhen mind a move, as if casually asked: “How old are you cousin?”

“Ah, how I did not keep track, he probably more than I could a large eight-year-old right.”

And when the two of them are talking of a sudden came a loud, deafening sound to help the heavy fall to the ground.

Wu eyes wide open to the third floor and looked, “What do I smashed cousin?”

An Zhen was the only technology to speed up the heartbeat, she blurted out: “No, no, not upstairs voice, -”

Came downstairs!

Wei Zhen An almost stairs from the third floor, turned over directly to the handrail, jump on the steps of the second floor, and then repeated twice, which is almost two times Wu breathing, she had been rushed to the first floor, Wu stunned look.

“This is what happens?Is this man will I do to dodge?”Looking at the figure of Wu Zhen Wei An helplessly disappear, suddenly feel that they are afraid of the powerful upstairs, quickly hurried to follow safety Zhen Wei went to the first floor.

An Wei Zhen went to the first floor