Waiting time than usual to be constant, just as he doubts Yu Chak how not to answer the phone, the call is connected.

  ”.Hey.”Yu Ze more indifferent than usual deep voice sounded from the phone.
  Yu Pei lengleleng, is his illusion it?
  After he paused, pretending to be easy to say: “I saw the news online.Congratulations on your girlfriend, and such a big thing, you actually did not tell the family in advance.”
  ”No girlfriend.”Yu Ze, said:”.He is a friend.”
  ”Brother, you have to say these words to me?Not a girlfriend, Dad, how could so send her expensive gifts.”Pei Yu laughed:” When did you come out with the sister-in-law, his brother ask you to eat a meal.”
  ”Not.Forget it.”Yu Chak said:” I am very busy recently.”
  ”I know you are very busy two months, various parties are not get away.”Yu Pei said:” eat a meal should not be long before you see when time can draw out.I just have a girlfriend, brother to bring you this look, give me advice about ah.”
  End of the line long silence, Yu Ze’s voice finally came: “.it is good.”
  ”Then I’ll wait for your call friends.”Yu Pei with a smile, said briskly.
  Hang up