Why didn’t twelve return your message, do you know?

You can see that he is clearly online, but the message sent in the past is no reply.? Then we started all kinds of plots in Imagine and began to entertain foolish ideas.. Why didn’t zodiac return your message, do you know?   Aries: Your mobile phone is dead when you find out that Aries hasn’t replied to you for a long time.. It may be that his mobile phone has no electricity. Don’t be sad, because they are more sad than you..   Taurus: Afraid of what your purpose is, Taurus is full of people. What they fear most is that your purpose of chatting with them is not pure, such as asking for help or borrowing money, so they usually wait for you to say a few more words before replying..   Gemini: What you said is too boring. Gemini is in fact the most lovable person to say something meaningless. They think it is a waste of time.. So if Gemini doesn’t reply to your message, it is estimated that your message is too boring and they won’t reply to you..   Cancer’s following content: fell asleep and talked with cancer, if the topic is too boring, or they are really sleepy, but embarrassed to say, then after barely answering a few words, they will still be unable to help sleeping in the past.   Leo: Yes, but I’m too lazy to reply. If I send a message to Leo but don’t get a reply, I don’t need to make any excuses for them. They just don’t bother to reply to you when they see it..   Virgo’s following content: to get back or not to get back out of politeness virgo wants to get back information, but on the other hand, he doesn’t want to waste time on boring social activities and tangles with the friends who don’t get back..   Libra’s following content: Talking with others is positive. If Libra talks with you, she won’t reply to the news. She mostly talks with other people. She doesn’t have time to talk to you.. Do you know the truth very well about heart?   Scorpio: Angry If Scorpio can’t get information, you need to carefully consider what you say that is inappropriate to annoy Scorpio.. Whether you remember it or not, apologize first.   Sagittarius: If Sagittarius suddenly disappeared while chatting, then they must have been caught playing and had no time to talk to you.. Therefore, instead of sending messages and chatting with the shooter, it is better to ask him out to play..   Capricorn’s following content: Busy working Capricorn is working, either at work or on the way to work, so it is normal not to reply to your message. Don’t entertain foolish ideas..   Aquarius: If you send a message in the game and Aquarius doesn’t reply, don’t make serial phone calls because they are probably playing the game.. To know that being disturbed in the game is a very crazy thing..   Pisces has the following content: Pisces is in a bad mood and is a master of online chatting. It is basically online all the time. Any news will be answered unless they are in a bad mood and want to be alone.. If so, then don’t disturb him. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.