Which of the two constellations is the most reluctant to show love?

Many people think that in a relationship, swearing sovereignty is the most basic guarantee for love, so there are always people who want the other half to prove their affection and sincerity in a public way. However, in twelve constellation, there are several constellations that are obviously very affectionate, but do not want to show their love. Follow Xiao Bian to have a look..   Taurus is slow and passive to Taurus lovers. They are not good at taking the initiative and eager for Water flowing out in a trickle takes a long time to exhaust’s love. Moreover, it takes a long period of investigation to treat a relationship.. If Taurus is in love, it is very difficult for them to show their love. As long as they love each other very much, they don’t care about the form of communication with each other, and they don’t intend to share this happiness with others..   Aquarius Aquarius people have no consciousness at all about showing their love. Even if they love each other, they will not take the initiative to prove their sincerity to anyone.. In their view, showing love is to gild the lily and make people feel too conspicuous, so they are very low-key in love.. Perhaps their love is very sweet, but others know nothing about it..   Scorpio Scorpio is usually aloof and aloof. Even when they are in love, it is still the same. It can be said that single dog likes this kind of love attitude very much.. Scorpio in love is very Worry about personal gains and losses. They all say that love dies fast. They are very afraid that this sentence will be effective.. The lover’s good, just need to let oneself know, and a relationship, not show love, it proves that two people have much love. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.