In the constellation twelve, the constellation female with the same sex edge is better than the opposite sex edge.

Magnets have the same magnetic poles but repel each other and attract different magnetic poles, and people are the same. It is easy to attract the likes of the opposite sex, but it is not so simple to have a good relationship with the same sex.. Because the friendship between girls needs more sincerity and ability to irrigate.. Let’s follow Xiaobian to see which constellations have better same-sex relationships than opposite-sex relationships.   Gemini girls with two children have a clever mind and are a little neurotic while they are fond of being clever.. They are natural communicators, with first-class tongues and good words. They often amuse the girls around them. They understand Hit on what one likes’s praise of girls and make each other feel happy. Naturally, they want to be close to them and often play with their two children.. The two children are quite casual in their feelings and often linger among flowers, so the opposite sex will think that the two children are very flirtatious..   Aquarius female Aquarius female is very clever, they don’t care about other people’s views, do what they like, don’t care about other people’s views. Friends are very important to Aquarius. They are very loyal, don’t like affectation, are friendly to people, like making friends, and stand up for friends when they see unfair things. Therefore, Aquarius women have many good friends.. However, Aquarius does not like to be bound by the other half, so what is the opposite sex relationship of Aquarius like?.   Sagittarius female Sagittarius girls are lively and lovely, positive and full of wisdom. They are naive optimists and can always bring laughter to the people around them.. Sagittarius women simply straightforward, love and hate clearly, Dare to Love dare to hate, not false. Most of them are kind-hearted, sympathize with the weak, and like Dachimawa Lee. The friendship between girls is very complicated, so simple archer girls are very popular with girls.. In their emotional world of inside, freedom is greater than love, so boys will find shooters and women difficult to control.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.