In the constellation twelve, the constellation of cinerary infatuation

In the constellation twelve, there are always some people who are extremely obsessed with feelings.. Who in the constellation twelve is suitable to be called lover in terms of emotion?   First place: Scorpio pays more attention to feelings and yin signs. Among them, water like Scorpio attaches great importance to feelings.. Scorpio looks casual about their feelings. People mistakenly think that they are evil, calculating and cruel. In fact, they are not. They are very emotional signs.. Once entering their world, it is not difficult to find Scorpio people have one thing in common: they always show a little tenderness and kindness in their indifference.. When they focus on one emotion, they will make many plans in their hearts, what flowers to send! How to please each other! Everything, but these are just thinking in my heart, and the actual practice is not so good.. Therefore, Scorpio’s infatuation and fantasy are much sharper than other characteristics of Scorpio.   Second place is the following: Taurus has a strong emotional attachment like Taurus, but their attachment is applied to all aspects, including work, study and life.. However, Taurus people’s persistence and self-confidence make a big difference.. Niu Niu attaches great importance to feelings and feels that this relationship must belong to himself. Then they will get it at all costs. Once they give it, they will have the confidence to get it. Some friends always say Niu Niu: “Why are you so stupid?”? “In fact, this is related to their inner way of doing things. To be clear, they would rather hang themselves on a tree than give up lightly..   The third place is as follows: Gemini has more infatuation than its own brain cells. Yes, Gemini is a country of infatuation.. Gemini people usually have deep feelings once they use them, so when they fall in love, it may be difficult for them to walk back.. Dare to hate Dare to Love is an encouragement to these Gemini lovers. They value love very much and care more about their feelings than they do about their work.. Of course, there are also some Man show-type otaku who do not leave their homes. This is not a lover’s delusion, but a obsessed with road at most.. Besides, the real Gemini lover, Daikeke, will not regret it, but the trauma in his heart is more difficult to recover..   The fourth place is as follows: Libra Libra has more girls than boys. This is due to the frivolous and unrealistic performance of libra boys, which is not very good for feelings. However, Libra girls’ generous character is quite heterosexual. Their feelings are very rich. They like to admire the world belongs to the people’s feelings, which is good for everyone. In their hearts, these people are worthy of care and communication, but for such a long time. Others are a little uncomfortable in their hearts. Many people may think that they have a tendency of promiscuity, but how can they know that they can only give foolishly and are a lovely but helpless lover.   The fifth place is as follows: Aquarius always gives priority to obedience when dealing with feelings. They don’t deliberately care about anything and make minor conflicts. They very much hope to make things small.. From this point of view, they belong to a kind of conservative, fell in love with you, is good for you, don’t do anything to hurt you. I don’t love you anymore. I decided to give you no way out.. This is their survival principle in dealing with feelings, which makes people feel strange and kind, and makes people feel rich in their feelings and infatuated with them.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.