Who is the dirtiest old hand in twelve constellation

Nowadays, people always like to drive without a word. There are always several constellations in the 12 constellations. old hand is very skilled at driving. Do you want to know who is the real old hand in the twelve constellation! Then come and have a look with Xiaobian.!   TOP3: Taurus Although Taurus looks serious on the surface, it is still a bit stuffy.. In fact, it is the highest in Man show. It’s called frowsty to the depths. Taurus Sao is hidden in the belly of inside.. Those who do not normally live in become visible show the essence of SAO immediately when they arrive at the place where old hand gathers.. Driving is very skilled, and the reaction is very flexible, often export amazing, often let a person surprised off glasses. It belongs to the kind of old hand that is not polluted at ordinary times and will kill people if polluted..   TOP2: Gemini knows everything from astronomy to geography. Gemini, who knows everything and likes to talk, has a wealth of knowledge about driving, and brain hole is very big and quick to respond.. If you say a yellow joke, it must be Gemini who laughs first.. Gemini not only understands, but also speaks well.. I don’t care if my moral integrity is broken. The exits are yellow jokes one by one.. And Gemini’s old hand friend, Gemini itself is also very good at finding resources.. You never blink when you drive. You throw out a lot of serial numbers all over the place. Gemini is definitely the old hand with the most abundant resources..   TOP1: Scorpio Scorpio is somewhat similar to Taurus, that is, it looks like a serious men at ordinary times, but actually there is a fierce monster hidden inside. The pollution of other constellations is only lip service. The ferocity of Scorpio lies not only in its rich theoretical knowledge, but also in the fact that Scorpio is already the king of Boundless love when others are only lip service.. Therefore, Scorpio’s jokes have always been very destructive. When they are uttered, the whole audience is shocked and silent. When Scorpio old hand does not sing, it has become a blockbuster and gives people a roller coaster-like stimulus..