Who in twelve constellation is born arrogant but not popular?

Who are the three constellations that are naturally arrogant and think highly of themselves, but are actually the most popular?? Personality is too arrogant, never take the initiative to apologize, if they only insist on their own opinions blindly, regardless of the ideas of others, it is easy to fall in the growth process, perhaps they will gradually be alienated by others, gradually will be isolated by others. Let’s have a look!   Scorpio Scorpio is actually a constellation with clear love and hate. Treat your trusted partners and wish to give everything to each other.. But with ordinary people, Scorpio has some coldness and aloofness, which makes others always have the illusion that this person is not good at communication.. Therefore, they will not express their inner feelings, thus the other party will think Scorpio is very shrewd, Scorpio people are self-confident, and their subjective consciousness of looking at a thing is very strong.. Their personality is too arrogant and they will never take the initiative to apologize. If they only insist on their own opinions and ignore others’ thoughts, they will easily fall down in the process of growing up. Perhaps they will gradually be alienated by others and isolated by others..   Leo people are usually enthusiastic, but they are also bad-tempered.. They don’t have no friends, but they have few intimate friends.. In addition, although Leo is very casual and atmospheric in appearance, in fact there are a lot of inner games. They will not show their true flour until they fully trust each other. In addition, Leo’s violent temper makes many friends unable to accept it. There is no denying that Leo people are capable, but sometimes they are too self-centered in the workplace, and even refuse to accept opinions from others. They often go their own way. Only when things come out and fail to achieve the expected results will they realize their mistakes.. Always self-righteous, will gradually be isolated by others.   Capricorn Capricorn people are sometimes contradictory individuals. On the one hand, they are eager for friendship and attention; on the other hand, they are not willing to trust others. They always pretend to be cool and don’t give people a good look.. In the end, friends left one by one, and no one was willing to deal with Capricorn any more.. They generally know very well what kind of friends they need, so they always ignore people they don’t like, or treat them cold and hot, perhaps this is the difference. Even if they treat their friends brothering each other on the surface, their hearts may not necessarily treat them as true friends. Over time, they will become a loner. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.