Always focussed thinking on you, grassland

Dreaming Ying led several times, I always focussed thinking on you – Prairie.    Since childhood, my feelings on the issue, why not grow on me that the vast grassland.However, it was then that I was destined to be with you this life destined, often think, I extremely cheerful.    I grew up in the mountains, to see how the sky is party.I remember one occasion, I was determined to board the outside of that mountain, looking at the blue sky.A little faith sustained me going from such a small little bit, I do not actually have such perseverance, finally boarded the high mountain.    Just when I was in elementary school, I knew from books like grasslands.”Wind-swept pastures of cows and sheep.” This song, I know enough of the prairie is so big, there was the yearning.The family had really poor, not enough to buy the TV, so it only involves knowledge of grasslands in the book, the desire for grasslands, in my heart, the building down a dream.    Junior high school, in an article “Prairie” is, the more clearly depicted looks for me grassland.I can not conclude that I will personally see that you look the most real, but, in my mind, you have a very important image, status, you what I have been chasing the dream, in a dream, I have many time to see you, it looks so beautiful, let me fascinated.    In an overcast afternoon, I got on that mountain, looking at the vast blue sky, overlooking the surrounding mountains.That ink-like light trace element write, is so bright and generous.Beautiful hills sketched out the lines, the color is light green grass.Cattle and sheep stood on top of the hill, just like that stooped old man in toil, but never stops to hand.What a good landscape painting ah, you gave me the impression was so like clear, but it is only in my dream.(Sanwen Chinese prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) Whenever, in my depression, I camel mesmerizing fantasy, and I’m fighting the sky bird eagle hovering over you, you always guard this pure land, for example, I was also there for you. born fighter, always guarding his mother as.But, so I can not just fantasy, is you let me know you are my last bottom line, I should make you more alive for me proud.    It is different in that soil, although my feet touch the ground, but I will always miss my hometown, my home.Prairie, you will always be in my heart the most sincere of the love.    That vast grassland ah!I would like to use my life to defend you, you are part of the motherland’s body, so you will always be sacred, solemn.    If you give me a choice, I would like to be your friend, sincere to each other forever.    If you give me a choice, I would like to be your lifelong companion, guard you with my life.    If you give me a choice, I would like when your son returns dedicate your life.    No matter where my future exposure, my mind will always haunt your shadow – Prairie.Please allow me to express my feelings to you!