Althea open ah open

[REVIEW] first saw the hibiscus in the garden of his home, uncle backyard there is a large vegetable garden, planted around the Althea and one prickly shrub, forming barriers, thus named Althea fence grass.    Grandma likes to do for us to eat flowers, each flower eat are different: gardenia fried food, snacks to eat when dried after Sophora japonica, pumpkin flowers fried eggs, day lily open broth, pork with lilies, Althea is used to open soup.  At that time, we said Althea called “wood chewing flowers”, the “chew” is not what we read, “corner”, but read out by the Hunan dialect, ranging between “Jazz”.So, when I used to find this flower dialect, but how could not find, and later accidentally discovered the original dialect of this flower is called “hibiscus (kg) Flowers”.  First saw the hibiscus in the garden of his home, uncle backyard there is a large vegetable garden, planted around the Althea and one prickly shrub, forming barriers, thus named Althea fence grass.Althea has univalve and plena of the points.Its petals and hibiscus flowers in full bloom is very similar, like transparent crepe paper.So, in his hometown also known as small Hibiscus.Some also call it the “big jasmine”.Anyway, because of their knowledge and giving it the title.Even in my mind, it is a kind of hibiscus flower hibiscus.In fact, two flowers are different.But it belongs to Malvaceae.Hibiscus and Hibiscus have good medical value, but the Hibiscus private consumption is still small, but more than that was edible hibiscus.  Althea’s high nutritional value per 100 grams of edible portion containing protein 1.68 g, fat 0.19 g, total acid 0.38 g, crude fiber 1.4 g, 10 DM.3 grams, sugar 2.10 grams of vitamin C24.6 mg, the total amount of amino acids 1.19 g iron 0.8 mg of calcium 60.6 mg of zinc 0.30 mg of the active compound and containing flavonoids and mucilaginous.If the pollen, then refers to the higher its nutritional value.Althea around for eating is not the same.There are fried Althea, Althea shredded pork, boiled fish and so on Althea.Grandma gave us hibiscus is Hibiscus broth.For by that time meat prisoner, a week to eat a meal of meat, so my grandmother would ingenuity to do some alternative things to improve our food.We will be taken to the blossoming hibiscus a clean break apart, until the sauce after a good tune, into the wash of hibiscus, you can pan until boiling taste.Unlike other flowers, hibiscus particularly smooth and refreshing, there is a hint of fragrance.So, I love the the Althea.  One year I went to summer small husband’s brother lived a few days, go to the market to buy breakfast one morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see a modulus of about 11?2-year-old girl guarding a small baskets to sell Althea, I stepped forward and bent down to ask: how much a pound?The girl raised his head and a look of calm: two.A decisive answer to her to know that this is a veteran.I said nothing to squat down, the girl opened her very neatly with a plastic flower to help me install.  I ask: Are you a man it?  No.My mother over there selling vegetables.  It took very fresh, picked it this morning.  Ah, I got up at 5:00.  So hard?  No way, I want to earn tuition.  When I speak, I have purchased good.At home, a good little niece asked me: Big Mama, what is this flower ah?Oh, how to eat?I told her it was Althea.At noon I carefully cooked with Althea, in order to make a critical Canon love this dish, I especially do this with two eggs Road Hibiscus egg soup.However, the total does not taste like grandma gave me to eat delicious, and depriving a good bite of frowned and said to me: Big Mama, which also applauded eat?  The next day I returned to her mother and a good home, happened, her mother bought some hibiscus flower, hibiscus saw her mother pick in the room outside, a good loudly said: Grandma, this flower is good unpalatable.Big Mama did yesterday, is not delicious.I quickly took the words: you have picky?I deliberately put two eggs.We hear this one said, her mother smiled: to ensure that I am doing good.  At noon, her mother a big bowl of homemade hibiscus egg drop soup, we tasted really good to eat, a good telling me: Big Mama, your craft far worse than Grandma, you do what dish slightly?  I humbly ask her mother: Mother I, how you do it is not the same?  In fact, her mother made this dish when I’m on the side, the entire cooking process and I are the same.Then her mother said with a smile: you put more eggs, robbed the smell of flowers.You see, I have this big tub just put an egg, mainly just the flavor of hibiscus.  That it is not everything needs of others decorated in order to have a perfect result.A lot of things excessively modified it lost its original character.I thin to taste, mother of Hibiscus egg soup just put a few eggs so simple, more is added to the wasted years of her calm and calm, adding her dedication and cherish for a better life.  With the sustainable development of urban construction, Althea farm fence into the garden from the bustling city streets, has become a beautification beautiful city roads, the best flowers and fresh air of the city.Every June, Althea opened, then a blooming brilliant, open until September fall season.