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Part One: Young also happen to think that this year I graduated from high school two decades, and this time ten years ago, I remember high school students gather once, over the eye has a middle-aged.Go to bars, go to restaurants, see a pair of Guys and Dolls, where shallow exercise discretion low laugh, and then love to chat with friends, said, young nice!We wanted to have young, twenty years of age, blood is hot, very high purity.At that time coincides with the beginning of reform and opening up the Beginning, the students together, have high-spirited, Qiu Hui Fang exclusion, talk about ideals, talk about love, talk about the future, so-called mind the world, concern for the fate, really is not an exaggeration!  A student like sponges, strong adsorption capacity of knowledge, is frequented by local school library, because living in a small town, I do not know how the outside world mostly wonderful, so the only way to understand the outside world is through books the.Put four classic read junior high school, can not say read, but at least know what to speak.Like most high school to see the pure literary works, such as “Harvest”, “October”, because to write something closer to reality, everything felt very strange.”Reference News”, “Comment” look often.  We do not understand young love, or unripe apples!Most is the back of gazing and a gentle bow.Memorable so far.Like someone else, but also I liked by others, also deer rattling, also Dazed and Confused!  After a gorgeous Spring, summer warm, now is the fruitful autumn.Part two: she had been young before the age of three, said: Mom, I love you / 10 years old: Mom, listen to you / 16 years old: My mother really annoying / 18 years old: want to leave the house / 25 years old: Mom, you said at the time is right / 30 years old: I want to go to my mother home / 50 years old: I do not want to lose my mother / 70 years: as long as the mother but also in this, I am willing to give up everything for mom.—- Inscription in June of this year, downstairs aunt gave birth to a little baby, I went to see full novel, cute little baby was lying in her mother’s arms sleeping when Han Han, pink toot toot face tightly attached to the mother’s chest, her mother’s arms as if the whole world is his.Like a child, I always go to her aunt bursts of play and the baby, the baby looked at the aunt’s love in every possible way, looking at the baby one day everlasting high, fat.This world can not help but feel that life is most needed time to care for and love the things.And these two elements give us the most is my mother.  Ever since the baby, aunt no longer pay attention to their dress, slim jeans have been replaced by large pants, had nice hair cut off because when pregnant, have high heels cosmetics have disappeared.Now stay at home to take care of the baby’s aunt living, often eat rice can not be a stable one, even so, the aunt’s face has never been a lack of smiles every day.This time, I came to realize that the baby is a sweet burden for her.  I remember that day at noon to eat, I am full of curiosity asked her mother: “Mom, when I was born and the baby is not as big downstairs?”Mom:” When you were born only four pounds more than the baby can be smaller.”I thought to myself: from birth only 4 pounds more of me to love and a time and now I am an adult, during which my mother how much I used to care for it, she would not have even tired now than aunt.Quietly pay no regrets party, the party of peace of mind to accept, and thus adhere to nineteen years.I ever knew, in this nineteen years, she lost to me how much.Sauna net I forgot, she had been young before, no bulging belly bulge before, have vibrant; before quietly covered his forehead wrinkles, also blossoming smile; but now she is in order to live trivia hair gradually plainly, she is also getting out of shape, temper is getting worse, the habit has become a secular.I ever knew, before being wound trivia of life she had fought for their dreams; required before children worked hard life she has resisted the injustice of fate.Can I ever knew, for whom she was yielding.  Now, I grew up, but she is old.She most beautiful years without complaint to me; she gave the most complete unreserved love me; she was a woman with the most precious youth care of me grow.But when she expressed concern for me with a nagging way, I always take the trouble to call her go; she was alone at the time I did not care about her always turn a blind eye; celebrate my birthday with my friends, I I forget that day how she escaped the jaws of death; when I’m sad, I forgot to have been behind a familiar figure with me.I had forgotten no matter how headstrong he is guilty or big mistake, she would always try to please me accommodate me.She’ll always be my warm embrace can always docked harbor.  She paid for my own life, and I gave her what she had anything in return?In addition to blindly ask her, what I have done for her.Know when the cold weather to distant friends a massage so that they pay attention to buying new clothes, but never on a never said to her: “cold days, wear some of.”In the shopping with friends to buy clothes Shique I did not think she had a long time without the addition of new clothing for himself.In these 19 years, she regrets to pay, I ask peace of mind.But today, I wake up, my soul in my raps.I am not eligible to receive such a great and selfless love.I must be repaid, but I need a way to repay this kind of love?How I long for the afterlife, I wish she was my daughter, I want her life to give my love to give her the full repayment of the afterlife.  Time such as water, Love goes, Homecoming I do not know how much to dilute human well-being, but just does not water she gave me this love.She looked over the years been polished cheeks, watching her gradually to white hair, watching her gradually bent physique and wanted to say: “Mom, this moment I understand, I love you, I hope this moment comprehend not too late.”