Also to “red” about!

– small red dish in mind here is a dish of red pickles.Red dish in the “red” read the word level tone in Mandarin, IA transfer, meaning is also very good —– spirited, energetic, forward, up the meaning of the word itself is rich and spicy fresh vigor.    And I am here “red” word, as the name of the dish, even more come Genghen that read as tones, falling tone, very powerful readings, like the Tigers down the momentum.Oh, this is a must read —– because the taste of that dish, too overbearing momentum too, if read yinping soon, the power reduction is not sufficient to highlight this mighty road pickles, and thus had such momentum full call it.    Say the point, get to the the.This dish is called “red food”, What is red?Clip a chopsticks, put his mouth, chew or two, a surge of hot to immediately appear, and then with hot rice under the throat, then hey!Nasal spray kind of sub-Jin!Like to cross the bridge of the nose away, kind of sub hot, choke, and the heavens, almost like torture in general, cool!    Tears rolling down, which is the highest level of Effort.Little people with colds, a stuffy nose?Eat red vegetables!Pack your tears together in their symptoms immediately went to the half, red dish on a cold auxiliary effect.    Such a practice is.Spring and three in February, vegetables listed, choose rhizome hypertrophy, fleshy tender moss, about the length of slap on the right, and clean, cut into small pieces child, boil hot, remember not to put oil, put down into small pieces, fire larger, fry a few, can not remember the fried “dead”, half listless on the line.Sheng shovel up into the deep bowl, salt, a little soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, wheat.Evenly stirring and, then let the width of horses leafy vegetables thereon, pressed tight, marinate overnight.    The next day, they began waiting for the “red” powerful presence right.Do not think that just do pickled vegetables of Wenshun Chen clothes, stains the night, opened the lid oblique glance, green and red and white bowl of green moss dish, Mingming An Jingjing lay there, Xiaojiabiyu Mo Yang —- – how can the slightest little temper, and “red” Jin yo…Do not believe, I do not believe!    Then clip it into his mouth with contempt Amby?    Oh Hey…My aging mother…Good punch!This time with a momentum is simply flying down from the cliff fighter, Guohe Cu son of no return, indomitable!Sweeping Yin Zhi, overflowing with boundless!It’s that kidnapped your throat, all the way up to the mouth, and then get into the nasal cavity, Tengyun may also wish, he just did not discuss a choke uncle!Tears came down whizzing!    I so fierce grid!Good punch!Little girl big temper!Not easily move chopsticks, and could not bear to be hath stopped, is such a love-hate relationship.Obviously bee hot tears nose cross-flow, but still grin, very straightforward, which is aware of the tiger undeterred bar.Eat red vegetables also have a statute of limitations, tender greens of moss for up to one week, a long time, it is inconvenient to do red dish.Only into a bubble sauerkraut.This dish powerful punch, try to at least 10 million persons each year in the spring, always to the good chewy, bored, or cell I can stand the taste experience of Sichuan, Zigong, even worse!    After reading this text, some outsiders want to taste?Yes, but you tears Cross on the occasion, do not blame I did not warn you in advance that dish overbearing Ha —–!”Red” very!There are vicious!Poor tolerance must never try, if they are rushed off their feet, at your own risk.Ha ha.