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[REVIEW] to make dark background presentation about loneliness and enthusiasm hints have been revealed in the Tian Shirong “dance of darkness time” (poems) in.He was bleeding through the souls of poetry, it is a spiritual concept or “looking for objective correlative” due.  - Reading Tian Shirong “dance of darkness time” emotion, gave birth to a poet’s nest; leave memories, how pregnant with this deep pain and care?Tian Shirong reading of poems “dance of darkness time”, can not be calm.    His dark whisper, is extracted in the pure and simple verse ethereal, let fly in ethereal imagery, the capture life bit by bit in image, created heavy poetry in life, there is always a bright flash and verse “grabbed” the reader’s attention.    What he calls “the dark dance of time,” but in reality condensed wisdom of life, thinking crystallization.From a peak to a peak of jumping from his between the lines, from the verse refers to those warm feelings, the people will clearly see the surprising answer.    Read this poetry, the language of euphemism taste, refers to a strong generation of flavor, the taste of real emotion, are successful, well presented with a “Lonely Dance” and “Dance of the heart”, pointing to the final of a hint , that is a manifestation of the inner self and feelings of loneliness about the desire of some enthusiasm for life.    Jidimajia a famous poet once said: “The most distinguished poets will result in a more natural and more unique culture of the region, it will have a big contrast in cultural conflict areas.Because today, our poet addition to the conditions should have, but it is now a greater need for the kind of impulse from the origin.”Close to the heart of his writing is not just a writing gesture, but also from the experience of his life.He expressed the consciousness of this writing in “Summer”: vegetable alfalfa so much to so much why suddenly emerge from the alfalfa field where two people in a three-sister Liu Tian is a two-brother to bring them rain pants split it ran out why they were not also so big ladybug and butterfly smart enough to hide themselves deep in the “river spray blossoming”, he says: dark surface of the river is full of see through shadow of the river is still full of shadow spray blossoming two people snuggled together under the stars that we see a spray that we see another bridge in the surf in the “night”, the same point on the bridge, such as “core”.Author tirelessly repetitive use of “hard-core” to denote a lonely hard, hard heart, and the first song in the “ice” has the same purpose.    These verses are jumping, emotion is warm, sincere.Of course, reading his poem, the feeling is gloomy and sorrowful.        Two Eliot said, “poetry is not to express their feelings, but the feelings of escape,” the purpose of poetry is lyrical, rather than bluntly poet often emotional, avoid direct lyrical, but to express through concrete.    This makes him conscious of writing in the attention emotion, is a head-up vision, to explore the depths of love Emmanuel, more is due to one kind of poet writing attitude, and his own love of the depths of the soul.    ”Fang”, the memories seem simple, sincere and very beautiful.The authors used the first-person perspective to write love in the third person, writing ignorant, ignorant to write, write fantasy, wrote bold Ganaiganhen.To write “first love” like Fang, “Fang is a piece of paper on the desk, is dressed in neon on the road”, “Fang Fang disappeared from the, from the Fang Fang was born.”.Another example is “Snow told” in a “Three-year Zheng Xiaoyan, Blue Butterfly knot of hair, still math class, language class is not in the”.    As for the “Summer” author pens boldly touched the young men and women of “betrayal”, such as “Why, suddenly emerge from alfalfa to two people.They spoke of pants, ran out of it separately, “Another example is” Summer in the countryside, I saw the brother and sister-in-law a kiss in the Medina “.    In a heavy night, we seem to see is a little bit better grow up.This bright little by little growing up, it was as a guardian of the faith and courage.    Three watch for each of us are more familiar with, but does not mean the familiar real understanding, few people really understand.A full bleed sad, quiet poet pursuit of poetic life, this, very moved.    He’s a poet at the height of the existence and understanding of the mind to make this answer.    I was so watch spring snow people dancing in the heart of the earth solidified village watchmen in the day wandering an inch and an inch woven into slow spring is not every road will encounter Fang Fang is not every season has not every passion and worry could be seen hard or completely happy Fang Fang is not some cheap imagination is important is not aryl but how deep and thick thorn subsequent Ruoyouruowu light, delicate verse, in particular, “It’s not Fang but deep stab and subsequent Ruoyouruowu light “, people deep in thought.Behind the poetry, the poetry has been launched, further raising it to a high degree, people have pain in thinking.    In the “Harvest”, he wrote: park everything is fake fake goldfish died in those fake waves in those precious rain falls in the air involuntarily was abducted on so many people flying to the waves of dust into the possession of the body Take a deep breath again into the possession of the body hidden into the park so unreal and reality malocclusion, soaring into the ground due to the poet’s imaginative, and control of power image of poetry, the poet is more due to feelings of people and things have a calendar force, so that the reader heart tickles, a surge of cold dark feeling rising from the poem, Man on the heart.    Summer in the country we see the brother and sister-in-law kissed golden waves of grain in the wheat field no one else has dropped two of the influx of the sky will shine sickle summer folk songs one after another into a flash Reaper sister-in-law said not tired in the wheat stubble brother also said cutting Maishu Tan ( “harvest”) urban false feelings, rustic rural people the truth, by comparing the way through the brief poem, full of the language of poetry can do now sky.    Yu also has four flaws, author of poems is also a slight drawbacks.    First, the use of jerky rhetoric, metaphors and rhetoric have caused a sense of Shenglayingzhuai, affecting the expression of the subject.For example, “The night is still not shirk that point of light”, the “inescapable”, if the digest, seems inappropriate.    Second, the obvious traces of imitation.As the fifth song “river spray blossoming,” the last one “two people nestling together, and one said, we see the waves on the bridge, another bridge that we see in the waves.”.Bian is an imitation of the “Fragment” in the structure, but some obvious signs.    Overall, as a background to a dark and lonely and passionate about showing hints, has been revealed in the Tian Shirong “dance of darkness time” (poems) in.He was bleeding through the souls of poetry, it is a spiritual concept or “looking for objective correlative” due.This is caused by one-off chapters, the complete river on emotional memories, poetry nights grown on these lands, subtle and deep, reveal an quiet, light, soften the atmosphere.    In the firmament of poetic language, the show’s wonderful, brilliant, subtlety shock after shock, more lingering linger hearts, linger without a break.    So sigh: poetry is a light weapon, it dapper, many of those sparks on time and space, sighs and longing, passion and ideas, concentrated in just a few verses, gives a wonderful wonderful surprises and unexpected.[Editor: Can children]