Already overtaken by events

Computer useless for a long time, and today open it up and saw that document, there are quite a few unfinished article.    Some also have some impressions of those who have just surging, simmering feelings, had to settle, no trace of the dark; some even totally do not remember, read it several times, belatedly: Oh!So this was my article ah!Trance remember only once mottled debris.It felt like a remote looking at a picture of the dusty, yellowed old photos uphold.    My mind suddenly pop out a word __ the passage of time, “things have changed” really is a top powerful guy, how vivid and fresh, fiery passion and have lost it, how much and eagerly look forward to the annihilation are unwilling to chase it.    Suddenly feel that “things have changed” and that is the bottom in winter, flowing faint chilly Oasis in the stones, looking Qian Jin, clear and tangible, but in reality distant, cold and no temperature.    Slightly hesitated for a moment, turning decisively fingers, these semi-deleted one by one, the heart suddenly suddenly, as if cut off the crops to weeds ravines.    Previously often keep some semi-finished products there, ten and a half, it is a common thing; even a couple of months and then pick it up and write, but also some.But wound up they face those articles to be continued, there are still remnants of passion.The original shallow thoughts, like Western Hills sunset approaching, it is still a touch of the setting sun shimmering waters of the lake, glittering and wandering around, hang around with his intoxicating shadows, sadness away.    But, this moment was.Standing on the other side of the river of time, such as thoughts surging waves, singing all the way, move forward it is most proximate real dream.    Ma’am, transpiration years shrouded in chilly cold quiet of the lake, scattered in the wind, Ji in the next month, or into a bleak icy cold seal.    ”Remembrance into, but was already casting haze of confusion,” Life is the most addictive of “addiction” is nostalgic, it is the passage of time the situation places children love to hate, a pair of quarrelsome lovers, I tear entanglement, the end can not points Zaichou Mao Yin, you are wrong to me.    Children miss Mom and Dad’s warm embrace, children’s play and carefree, but the memory of a time when youth pure and artless innocence; but feel nostalgic middle-aged people to tender Sentimental youth; life dusk fell in love with frequent review of earlier life..Life in the past, but wait precipitated a timeless classic, can not but lovely people, but do nothing.    The charm of this world is that it is self-contradictory, you do not know when things have changed, you do not know what the end will make you never forget.As a nostalgia that, no one knows what it will in time what kind of scene, quietly dense bloom.Looking back at all the past, in fact, not necessarily how did you like living the moment, the moment of the landscape, as well as the moment of their own.You can not be sure you will be the day that moment in what year, will remember and never forget to miss.    So, let the years things have changed, such as the movie screen flicker change, and if the window flashed over the landscape.Everything will eventually go away, indifferent.Mountains of water, the man that situation, the dog that fence, that the text that chapter, will be gone.Away from the mundane world, escape fireworks, such as fireworks xuanmei bloom in memory, and the heart was hung like a glass empty, fragile and cold.    This way of life, how many things we can not control?Then to the passage of time.How many things we can not be relieved?Then to nostalgia.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) contradictory, twisted with; rich, feeling; cherish, to abandon the.Need not ask, do not want, such as a crystal of the stream of life, all the way to the Pentium song, encountered a stone, hit to pieces, confused and disoriented; or encounter twists and turns, only parted ways, quietly parked; Or pour into the sea never to return, wind waves the shuttle.Without resentment, no anger, every state is a hanging unrivaled scenery and alternative peerless.Because every journey, the passage of time is a landscape.    Even a look back, suddenly awoke, life’s all in the past, through the sediment, or the passage of time, or retro classics, in any case, the spectrum became years of song after another song without words monument.    As those articles were left out long forgotten, writing, pen and fiery passion extends all the way; deleted heart empty planted a handful of indifferent and brisk.    This scenery, this chase, every passage of time, have become interpretation, a field shallow faint smile farewell.    In this way, nice!Do you believe that one day will be sitting in the window, in the afternoon in the warm winter sun, sit reverie, but no thoughts, just to say goodbye to a new process that “things have changed”?!