Tongjiang County filial piety carry ten stars on the speakers, radical reform, promote the culture of filial piety, the listener very public, drawing huge crowds, a round of applause, big hearts of the people.    Honor, filial piety, filial piety, filial piety, filial and other words, the dutiful Our people are the most used word.Xiao word we know everything, son kneeling on the ground to serve the elderly.Shun the word is somewhat obscure, more ambiguous.    ”” Book of Filial Piety “who Zunzu love pro, sub-advised things a parent, to persuade Chen Shijun, Li Guan and poor, the appropriate line of courtiers, twenty years before the line” Book of Filial Piety “also.”Ordinarily, filial piety is an internal matter of the family, but the family is the cell of society, the state hundreds of thousands of families rely on cells.In the long feudal era of our country, resulting in a large number of loyal, dutiful son’s story.”Persuade Chen Shijun,” “the appropriate line of courtiers”, is the feudal ruling class wishful thinking.”Chen blind loyalty to the king,” exactly corresponds contributed to the “Sub Yu Xiao of the Father”.    By careful analysis of the famous story of filial piety, showing where the “official position look for his mother,” “pro-drowning device Di”, “pick mulberry different device”, “Rather Than briefly Tiger”, “color drama entertainment pro,” “prostitute buried father” and other true stories of filial piety accounted for most awe-inspiring; “carved wooden things pro”, “taste dung worried” is the historical conditions behind the low level of science, practice extreme case due to the limitations of knowledge; “raw bamboo shoots cry” “Yongquan Lei Yue” and other stories, exaggerated false, fictitious and exaggerated to the point of superstition, lack of scientific contacts; “carved wooden things pro,” lacking both a scientific attitude, but also psycho – unhealthy mentality of performance; more worse, if it wants to filial appreciation children, parents and children would not have “unbridled mosquito blood meal,” “fan warm quilt pillow,” “buried child from the mother” and other acts of extraordinary turn a blind eye – these stories are a great loss of pro-chee image, showing lack of loving parents to honor their children, safely enjoy, to be indifferent, even “cold-blooded”, “cruel”, to the extent heinous.The real heart loving parents, heartless?(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) Relatively speaking, the current science developed, prosperous, relatively quiet.Therefore, we must abandon the backward abandon unscientific, and even the concept of honor superstition and replace them with the humanities, science, health, positive way filial piety.    ”Filial” cis word, from the original meaning of “plain”, such as water flow, the norm rivers, rule; to lower flow, regular; orderly and sequential row; no blocking, no grind; final the destination.    Shun has three implications, one finger rolls, smooth, no rough, no obstacles, bon voyage, Yimapingchuan.Second Zunzhi line, parental expectations which direction, what kind of path selection, what kind of shape the personality, what kind of talent, etc., are also intended to submit its.Third, according to potential bank also like yielded sailing sailing.With four seasons, water, wind, get the help of human.    Filial piety who have the mind Takayuki, will have a trip along.Shun behavior Takayuki real.    ”Hopeful” the world all parents want their children healthy, talent, happiness, longevity, and his smooth.Filial piety can expect in the eyes of their parents, grow up in the care of their parents.Filial piety, strictly speaking, is a lick calf love, delays return.Children must first shun before maturity, after mature in personal independence, economic independence conditions, Gratitude, and actively nurturing.    Overall, parents, social experience much richer, but because of the limitations of old knowledge, attitudes, knowledge is not possible to update, do not know the place of the phenomenon, this is another matter.”Shun” is the duty of their children, even directional, the big question of principle, we should adhere to the “truth”, stick to the established direction, it should take appropriate way, emotionally moving, said with reason, to discern right and wrong, correct misleading, every parent must also be acceptable.Such children, the reverse is not necessarily grant Jin Lin, rebelling against filial Outsiders.    Not to say Tidianyijian, the starting point is not obedient noise.Just stand in favor of unity point of view, in favor of a highly developed, is intense few words, but also the manifestation of democracy.    In one unit, the lower level to the higher level, cis.Shun cemented a rope to form a cohesive force, an effort to make, efforts to do a good job and then.In one country, the people can rally closely around the CPC Central Committee, set 1.4 billion people of intellect, combined force of the Chinese nation and work together as a mountain, troubles innovation, will be able to conquering, invincible, the early realization of four modernization.  Wen / Guo Wei