Along time imprinting

I’ve been to a number of cities, work and travel and be of it, if committed by the nature, should be traveled most of the country’s.Although I love to play, did not play well-known head, but dared not like Yi Zhongtian eloquent writer to write as a “read Cities” to.I do things is hovering between Sense and Sensibility, a rational attitude towards work can be done meticulously, the rest is a sentimental.    For some of the city’s impression, I sometimes leave a few sentences for the time being poetic, more is not the utterances, like a child wearing Interview with Lawrence snow is so leisurely.But cities are different, as if she carved my previous mark, somewhere there is a tie him down, but the reality is like existence, no need to recall, and from will not forget, she was like the beginning of the night Venus , I seen her light in the window looked up, the city is Shanghai.Some people say that the nightlife network is like a city because the city is home to someone he likes, I do not know what it right, but at least that he is in love with someone, has come to the point where he is in love, I fell like Shanghai not therefore.The network has been said that I am a bit like Shanghai small opening, and I claim to be a generous person, it does not matter, since there are so called given reason, he did not say a little pejorative connotations.Having said that, I might have some small open shadow: a leisurely moisture, flowers aviculture, except that I spend all my hard-earned.    Also, the degree Niangshui: ” Shanghai Shikumen courtyard is a small opening in the “Seven Lotus cylinder”, on the patio in the sky all over the floor holding up his market.Moving on the road outside can only shrink in the corner, eyes can not see!Duck to water in their own circles; family out of the shelter to touch the black everywhere.’It may be some variation of the words, but she referred Shikumen, I will not be investigated for the time being.    The first time I saw Shikumen I just remember, I was still with their parents to be together, there are times they go to Shanghai, because with me, and I became one of the few happy memories.At that time I did not know Shanghai is the country’s big cities, only know that along the lively streets are felt fresh eyes, with a face pinched with cartoons of the Monkey King is the same, colored paper do like snake snake is so true swimming, pencil but not round the triangle, the counter, there are sweeter than candy and delicious than Gao candy Popsicle ice cream for.I remember as if it will take over eat ice cream for delivery to the father on wax paper torn corner, while makes a lick, while those who looked up at the roadside stone house surrounded by a circle on the door.We remember that in Shanghai for two days, in addition to the west of the park’s animals, the highest on the Bund building chime clock, foreigners, Yuyuan Garden dragon wall in the warrior on the roof is the most impression on Shikumen.    Such a house because the first time I see and sense of curiosity, we feel that the door of our side yard than interesting, perhaps tired reasons, I took the half-eaten ice cream for actually standing at the gate refused to go.Father still cried a few times to see me, they pulled me over, coincidentally, is the door where a woman Seeing the situation, leaving some laughter, a father smiled back, put away the effect that if you throw in here, then.Later, the woman and tease me back, finally I left, although when there are back.    And when I go back Older.    Two in the book have experienced some kind of joys and sorrows, I have more of a deep and lonely than their peers.I often walk alone all day riding a bicycle along a secluded path, or turned over to the lamp through the night, “John Christopher” autumn rain started falling out of the window while listening.Now it appears to be a distraction from boredom and resentment of it.But it is still very hard I work, so that the temporary technical personnel from Shanghai sent me also praise.    In her spare time, the technician will be with me about Shanghai factory thing, of course, this is mostly me to ask her, but she did not think twice, talking, maybe the kind of metropolitan superiority of it, but did not expect she later told me actually talking about her private affairs.    I am the person may also have some advantages, like quietly listen, and they are willing to tell me alone, I think maybe at least not the kind of tacky people it.They will be while I am speaking the unfortunate side red eyes said to me, you laughed then, and I will seize the opportunity to reassure them that I quite understand.So I goes there are some people in the story, but I just never remain silent.    I found a lot of friendship between people is established under certain circumstances, such as his comrades, novels decentralized youth, the more profound the more hard feelings.Although Shanghai technician and my situation can not tell the difference, but it can also be regarded as a friend Xiangxi, I gradually learned that her mouth from its unfortunate marriage.    Because of the nature of our work with foreign trade, export products occasionally, so in addition to quality, productivity must also be completed on schedule, and therefore often increases during that time night shift.Once work until late at night, leading the factory taking into account security technician let me give a lift to take her to the hotel, she later accepted the first decline.I remember once gave her to the hotel, it was back to Shanghai on her the night before, I had asked her to dinner, she said to a Yangzhou fried rice on the line, you do not look it’s just fried rice, in fact, which is useful material pay attention, it seems that she is a person of good taste, know the characteristics of this area.After dinner, we were then to go to the hotel along the tree-lined path.    In early summer, everything seemed warm, [Tang] high parallel poem reads: crystal curtain moving from the breeze, a hospital full of fragrant roses frame.    Trees so people did, although at the moment there is no full frame rose flower fanned out to the aroma of camphor.Soft lighting and swayed her face full of subtle, yet also seemed to be a sterile reservation wanton.After reaching the hotel she let me sit, I feel a great guy nothing to worry about it readily agreed.Hotel Republic of China is the seat of the old house remodeled, the floor covered floor, I nearly stepped on top of sub-meter eighty pound ringing will be careful to find a chair and sit down.    She smiled at me look good to delivery to a glass of water.I said: “Your family house is flooring it?””Yes.”” That outside a hospital must be Shikumen?”” Of course, there’s very common.” I do not know what the book says, men and women alone in a room, silence is a sin for them.I remember because, she said it with some other topics.Long or short time that all human psychology, feel and late, thinking of Zhuangzi master cases inside reads: “.Each other, not as forget themselves in rivers and lakes.”At this time, although a sense of moonlight Rongrong, but also to leave.And she did not stay, just left me a note saying I want to go to Shanghai after contact with her, I took glance: Shanghai Jing’an District No. XX Wanhangdu.Look at her eyes suddenly felt the same courtyard that Shikumen, both mysterious and profound.    A “Lust, Caution” movie swept the country a few years ago, and let more people know Eileen Chang, let me know “extremely Secretary Phil road”.On this road name is said to have a romantic story, you can go to check, but I’m more interested in the way of the house, once lived celebrity.There is Hu Shi and Zhang Yuan Ji’s former residence.Paramount is Shanghai’s most famous entertainment bar, garden Sheng Jiahua, Song brother and sister of one of the four families were here in Shanghai as an English teacher.    Hulan Cheng in “this life,” says Eileen Chang also live near here, about the authenticity of Hulan Cheng during the war, I do not comment on, history will eventually inconclusive!I just think he’s more detailed description of the feelings of the book a few women, people feel very real, after all, this book is published in the form of autobiography.Hu and Zhang dating from once every other day and then developed into cohabitation, indicating that there is sufficient mutual attraction between them.Eileen Chang had left behind a photo of Hu wrote: “I met him, she became very, very low, low to the dust, but her heart is joy, from the dust in bloom.”He had seen how much appreciated.Of course, Xu had to leave here, LiuXiaoMan, Liang Shih-chiu, Shao et al.’S footsteps.    Phil pole Division Road is the name of Shanghai concession period, and later changed to ‘Wanhangdu’.    If I had known at the time this road there is so much fame, might hesitated, because there is concentrated the history of old Shanghai, even if he can not be a sensational interpretation of romantic love, or you can stroll the winding streets feel remarks of the old days left on the finish.    Just when I wake up in the face of these allusions, the years had elapsed.    Three Chinese people seem to ‘three’ This figure compares soft spot as the most supreme, thanks to three worship, think twice, and also to sign a pledge clause, even Flirting Scholar laugh also again and again, and I and also between Shikumen feelings again and again.    The past two years I happened to read the story of the South cursive “Kite”, he was attracted by a touch of melancholy, each of us had more or less have a dream, a yearning, these dreams and yearning very good, but very far away, just like a kite with great difficulty generally feel a breath of wind was a line tie him down, can not get people for many years.After I read one after another, “Rouge”, “beauty”, “fireworks” and “old house” Sylvia are good, the people’s thoughts suddenly back to the time in the year Shikumen, bewildered in himself is not clear whether I stayed there.    Should go and see, I often said to myself, always delayed trivia.    Not long ago, Shanghai plans to deal with some of the company’s affairs, I decided this must be back Shikumen.Because the initial contact with each other, but also to deal with the thorny issue of the past, beginning relatively stalemate, fortunately noon banquet ease the atmosphere, we each drank five bottles of beer, smoking a half pack of cigarettes after I digress finally other impressed that my entourage also puzzling because I let him to company finance department just called to ask whether there is the company’s money.    After farewell with each other, but I walked in and asked me curiously: ‘I just go to the bathroom, the other to let go?True unexpectedly.” I usually do not smoke do not drink do not speak, do not smoke do not drink does not mean I can not speak.” I answered him meaningfully.    Here where do I start, remember you had told me Nanxiang dumplings taste best, I’ve come to verify the subway to go Nanxiang Street, asking too close to an authentic ancient Yi Park, thinking noon just drink beer, go some way too hungry, they got into the store, etc..Seen from the guys have been busy in their business was very good, and soon hot on the buns, bamboo basket, straw mat, eighteen fold, but did not reveal the mouth, ginger and vinegar dish did not bite a small mouth and gently suck, then ‘Yes’ to the music, well-deserved reputation.    Then I visited the ancient Yi Park, Shanghai retains did not expect such a large ancient garden, you said the same old Yuyuan Garden in downtown, is more famous.Ah tomorrow morning to go.    After I GreenTree Inn enough rest, came the next morning subway Shaanxi South Road, left here on Wanhangdu right through the old Simon.Think there has always been a pool of still water, so long, why should self-style, then I choose to be right down the street to walk to Yu Garden and the Bund.    To avoid the modern city, along the old streets, like walking in the old days in.Those quiet trees, deep in the neighborhood, Qinghui walls, floor alone with wooden lattice windows, and even the courtyard planted with plants also left a mark in mind the years.    Many street stores are dressed as old, same old bars, goblets, phonograph, old love songs.Woman on the Calendar, perfume, cream, old silver floor.Fried package, Gao Candy, Chicken prime duck.Antique shop displays square table, armchair, blue and white porcelain, wood carvings of the screen, painted early May, the wide sleeves embroidered Troy also before and after them the shape of the fan, if you put on, then we must be able to sing: Partly delicate silk blowing Yang Chun as busy courtyard shake line.Some of the more remote the Old Town, relatively deserted, there is no ringing small traders, there is no motor car hurtling sound, Indus leaves blocking the sun on the wall and cast a shadow broken corner, a little dark, but there are many hidden secrets.    Under the shade trees of those old houses with red tile roof, the balcony was covered with Roman column, climbing over the outer wall of ivy, wooden plaque will be engraved on the heavy iron door to tell passers-by Mercier had lived here.    Occasionally met a well-preserved Shikumen, I would not consciously came to it, feeling the hard fine stone fence, as the experience of a sculpture, but also foolishly imagine if you stay on top of information.Through the half-open door, you can see inside another piece of heaven and earth, through the planning of the room was compact but still opened up a courtyard, the wall under the old wipers imprint, shedding the place even more mottled, vicissitudes, corner moss and ferns that emerged in the green of the empty wicker chair more mysterious, silent like to tell the yard past the enemy.    Hang around in front of the old Shikumen, I come to realize a dream, I do not know whether they belonged to me, they left me or my kind of emotional speculation?I only considered a pass and they passerby?Or there is always a door open for me, just before the arrival of chance?    Tonight is the Mid-Autumn Festival, after playing a few [autumn term], I give myself personally filled a glass of wine in the wine, chewing brought back from Shanghai Street spiced beans, then write the above words.Perhaps they can not make you like it, but one can tell you, spiced beans still taste, very fragrant, and the wine is every year, it is alcohol.