Along the way

Part one: along the way, “no climbing a mountain, I do not know how high the sky; not a deep river, I do not know how thick the earth”, carrying over with curiosity along the way.  Yunling south so a bunch of young Yunling south —- hills, descending three steps, staggered rift basin, valley and white, cloud steaming Xia Wei, vertical and horizontal rivers, lakes spread all over.They did not see it painted understatement of style, no outline of the United States, but the crowd that a cluster of “Zou Ju” to develop their full it the style, but also depicts the beauty of it – it’s a bunch of Yunling south youth.  Years quietly changing the world in the eyes of her unchangeable time.Sentimental young people have already bid farewell to childhood, remove the ignorant, all the way to grow.Flowers, sunsets regularly in the time slot and runoff.Naive and vague expression, recorded a childhood dream, the time it embellished aromatic fragrance, tears may fall, but not sad.Once flowery smile, a metaphor for the young people “Faces”.Clenched again that parents rough hands, take a look at the wind coming from the frost DW parents, we decided to count the bags ideal for running.As Qingzhao “Summer quatrains” says: “Health as odds, death is also a male ghost, still thinking Xiang Yu refused to have Koto.”Let us look at the reality of this blog is not bleak WRIGHT, but warm over the Air.Do not hesitate to tell myself, do not wander, do not hesitate to forward all the way.Life is adrift, the bumps can be displaced, but can not get lost.  Aoyama not cover, after all, to the south east Yunling has its impregnability, Castle cluster, but did not cover young people’s sight.Eyes in the dark still keep the faith.Looking ahead, today’s young people, some living in Baizhang building, holding a silver pen for the benefits the country; some dressed in white gown, to serve our country and people; some buried scientific research, scientific and technological development; some standing on the podium three feet, was teaching; and some still in the ivory tower of the students, is coming back to serve the motherland.”Any wide sea diving, sky high the birds to fly.”.Young people armed with a dream, flying in the sky ideal.  ”Before anything else and worry, after the world music” is the official who road.Silver pen enforcement official who, to be mindful of is that it must sufferings of the people; who became a doctor to save lives but also to do good, holding the scalpel to carry on heart patient safety.Who is research and innovation, to be mindful of technological development; teachers are “so preaching Tuition FAQ”.Occupying the podium three feet, to be mindful of teaching.Still in the ivory tower of young people all the time and remembered the dream beep subtext, and hard to learn, to prepare for the arrival of the next inn.Ideal, the young people will go all out.Ideal sail, devout prayer for himself, convinced that the road bright, even if full of thorns also decided to embark on this journey ideal.  Yunnan this gentleman self Gaoyuanhong land raising people’s self-reliance, here contains a profound national culture.Further Reading old saying, depth essence of living in one hundred twenty-one movement of the 1940s, the Lijiang earthquake in the 1990s in what is still strong, “Red Land plateau” and clarified everything.  One hundred twenty-one patriotic youth movement is a historic student movement in the face of fascist atrocities of the Kuomintang reactionaries, Yunnan still decidedly young people to rise up against.The campaign lasted more than four months, under the leadership of young students, to expose the conspiracy of the Kuomintang reactionaries, laid the foundation for the seizure of power.On this magical land in Yunnan Province, since ancient times to spread the spirit of self.At that time young people are dreaming of peace, they prove with different actions, but also efforts.  90 years, 7.0 earthquake invasion came, the quiet town of harassment, continued with 2529 aftershocks with threats, covering 51 townships affected, suffered heavy losses, but under the leadership of the party and government, the efforts of the people of Lijiang, Yulong Snow Mountain under the blessing, they rallied to rebuild their homes.Young people now is a strong energy of the city, in the face of disaster, no Ma Lei, did not flinch, but quietly rebuild, because they know that “the biggest bankruptcy of a person is desperate, the biggest asset is hope”; they also believe that there are Lijiang will one day return to the wind petals, pleasant aroma.Disaster can not stop dreams set sail, now Lijiang is an ancient and peaceful town, or quartzite, unique architectural style or civil engineering structures, or natural bridges people.  End of Sakyamuni said: “To come from, the Ziwu go.”.Young people dream like flowers in full bloom, waiting for a gentle soul baptism.  8 years old, licking the marshmallow talk about ideals, and confidently companion said: “grow up I want to sell cotton candy, eat as much as you.”.  18 years old, studying poetry and literature in the 12th year, only for the pen strokes Jinbangtiming.  18 years later, held the rite, off Sentimental, naive, it continues to struggle with the ideal.  Thorns along the way, become Faces from a young child, childhood memories intact storage, perfectly clean, but still memories, but the pupil more mature, but also how young should flash.Young people will turn youth read this book very thoroughly, not got a rush.    Part II: along the way remember twelve years old himself alone came out of school, that time he does not know from the beginning that when I slowly learned to take care of themselves in life, in school I made a few more iron and sisters, every Sunday when I was not home, they will wear a cycle I went out to play.We walked together crazy crazy playing the first day of that year.I can say that the first day is the most impressive junior career year, that year, I just go out to school, do not know anything, like a halo like a duck, that is, this year we are aligned together.Later, swallows transfer, our placement, we have several separate, but in each new class we have met some new friends.We just had the feelings that still remain when there swallow.Every time I go home swallow ride will take me to the station by car, swallow after transfer, this responsibility falls upon the seed.At that time we are very happy, to say what shop and go together.Later graduated, we will separate the!Then later by chance, I met Akiko and Lancang River, in a later letter Akiko, I know, the day I left Akiko asked the Lancang River, I did not change anything, nothing seems to change, said the Lancang River.In fact, more than two years later, we more or less have some changes, I think the only constant is probably those happy memories we had together slapstick when it!I swallow two relations among us than iron, to transfer her to leave me a lot of pain, remember she once said to me, Buddhist said: Past five hundred times Looking back only in exchange for this life rub shoulders and over, the two of us is certainly destined to last generation, life can be so good!I laughed and said, no, it is because we have been in the two previous life Looking back, it was so good in this life!Now, we do not together, I do not know next meet is what month what day.I have two photo I have always cherished, recently heard that she went to school in Xinjiang, this group of people we really are now party to the respective!But Swallow phrase: We are friends forever!I will always remember.Looking back now, that is, at that time, I learned to enjoy the solitude of a person, like a lonely.Although they are, but I was not happy that I have never told anyone, this habit has been maintained up to now.I do not want them to see I’m not happy, I just want to give them a smile, let them know I was not unhappy things, I have been very happy.As long as they like to bring my happiness, I am not happy to take!  Wang sister took us to high school, the year she had just graduated from Harbin Normal University, she gave us for Christmas Eve, we celebrate the birthday, she told me, “The Lion King”, together we cry together for the athletes on the field, together New Year New Year’s Day, when a power outage, she wore big boss blame us shout to pull the song as a result, we are very happy she was severely approved a big boss, we see her sitting in a stone in the classroom bench crying.She once said, the school’s leadership among her most admired is the big boss.Big boss all day dragon head, but not the end of the day I do not know how to give him a run into bad luck!To raise two later, because we are four classes, she put her phone number changed, which sorts numbers four, we asked her why she want to change this number, she said, just a touch, to commemorate our high a (four) classes!At that time, we were silent.We gave her the last time before placement classes will be our last time, she said twenty years later we have a total of four students, and hope that all participants!We do not understand why so long a time two decades.She said that ten years is too short, at that time some students are struggling them, and then the party is also home to marital problems that may arise when it is two years!Once again, we are surprised.She wrote on my weekly that sentence: Everyone has their own first, never give up, is a prerequisite for success!I always have to keep in mind only.Now, while I left her, but on holidays I will give her a text message greetings.I am most happy thing is that she gave me a message telling me after the birth of a baby, then I have not graduated from high school without a mobile phone, she sent to my dad’s cell phone, she said yes, I was zej friend…Very happy to see the message of the moment!In particular, I give us four classes of students talking about these things, behold, some of them do not know, but did not receive a macro sister text messages from their eyes I saw something called “envy” thing!  After graduation, I know the kind of happy brother and big brother, from them I learned a lot of things, these things they have not spoken to me, I just see them there.They are excellent: happy happy brother, big brother kind of self-confidence and stronger.Along the way, I learned a lot, but also understand a lot of things.Maybe a long time was right, I was always a big president, to change the habit of always!However, the leopard change its spots, I think, my loneliness and loneliness is get rid of it, so many years I have become accustomed, accustomed to a person to bear everything that happened to me alone.I know I’ve always been strong.Because I am a girl, you must be strong, must be independent, not dependent on others, especially other people’s feelings!    Part three: along the way, one foot deep, shallow foot, from childhood, along the way.  Along the way, I do not know how many times fall, I do not know how many tears flow, I do not know how many suffered supercilious, did not know how many things I do not know how many have received deception, I do not know how much money to pay.Along the way, just remember roadside flowers in welcome, accompanied by wind and rain in, there are trees in the shade, the sun is shining, there are good people in to help, there is hope in the heart, waiting for a chance.Along the way, always caring parents, brothers and sisters are always with me, always encouraging friends and family, teachers and students are always looking forward, always worried about the family, society always change.Along the way, tired to sleep for a while, was hospitalized sick, hungry to go home, laughing on the steps.  Along the way, silent for a long time to learn to write, learn to lazy accustomed to hard work, older, learn to think, learn to persevere times have changed.  Along the way, stop and go, winding, bumpy road, weeping and shouting numerous, laugh, happy, booming.  Along the way, hand-eye and use, looking Getting touch, tense and lively, unity and cooperation, maintain health, social integration, to join the network.  Along the way, the pros and cons?It is right or wrong?Seeding, no regrets.Return to nature, peace of mind.    Part Four: along the way.Along the way, there are too many taste is bitter, tired, wronged, is patience, tenacity is tempered into a steel.Along the way, his mouth tears, is the bitter laugh, forbear the weak, strong in disguise.Life is so right, how to select the kind of life, after all, have the appropriate pay, but much more experienced, but they think life everywhere benefit, not money, is the experience, tolerance.Net nightlife along the way, read a lot of scenery, but also met a lot of people.Beautiful scenery always make people feel good, they also feel that the pace of the foot of a lot of light, so often feel beautiful fleeting; every cold, wet, heavy pace of the foot, they feel unable to move, and often gone through this section, people They will grow up.The same way all adversity but more tempered person.  People are invisible, and only in some things, some of the difficulties found in.When you are in trouble, trouble is the side of the magic mirror can help you see the face of the people around them, is beautiful or ugly.Beautiful people will soothe your heart hurt, and ugly people will give you physical and mental pain and suffering, mental and physical destruction is undoubtedly.However, you can not lucky enough to have met beautiful people, face ugly, despicable people, only contempt, tolerance, the only way, the mood will be and will not be sad.Along the way, he cried, laughed, insisted that, give up too, too strong, too fragile.Wading through a river, climb a mountain, but life is just repeated ups and downs.When happy, a dark cloud drifting empty heart, when depressed, a ray of sunshine through the bottom of my heart, there is no permanent pain, there is no eternal happiness, life is a block of painted color palette, you do not need to be coated with various stop variety of colors.    Part Five: Today is along the way. “5.12 “, four years ago today I was in middle school in Qingchuan high school, I remember that day very clearly, that day is my mother’s birthday eighth day of April, when she was on her birthday in Qingchuan county home; four years after me today Wuxi participated in the work, today is my birthday April 22; four years seems like a dream, bloom late, reminisces on his way through all these years, there are too many feelings, look back at today’s special day for twenty-three pictures.  Time to rush over, people have changed, even our own sometimes forget when the road had come, not to mention someone else?  Twenty-three years, enough to develop a person; twenty-three years old enough group of people; twenty-three years, may be a dream come true mediocrity.  Years old before, have not been to big cities, have not seen the train, he had never left home overnight on the outside.At that time really is a family, my sister has not married, I do not leave home at that time two siblings played with the most, the whole family together to eat every day to live together, even now the New Year is not necessarily happy as can be.At that time the skies are blue, we are very blue.  Twelve or thirteen, when I left home, from opening more than a decade of my school career.I remember that in August and September fragrance overflowing, I often a person in between classes to study up on the playground can not help but shed tears platform edge.Today I still remember the scene, I want to go home and watch TV with family.At that time work is not popular, parents are at home, the family dinner every day people do not all have busy city, but the whole family together guarding the TV watching the same program, and read on the bed, day had a very simple.That was my first time because of homesickness and tears, then there several times, and then later her friends on more gradually will not tears.  Fifteen or sixteen, I gradually sensible, but still, as always, personality.Sometimes be an impulse to stimulate blood boiling, sometimes I feel that reality is very unfair, and sometimes feel that they are useless.In short, it was a heart’s dream, everything can be very good, there is little to worry about in addition to the test.Life is like a summer parasol trees that period, then the sun so green.  Nineteen years old, I still struggle for the hearts of the university, but that May is too simple, too heavy.The first time I felt the earthquake was so horrible, faced with dripping blood, mutilated bodies and miserable cries.If you have experienced a death of any test, you will instantly understand a lot of sense, especially to redefine life for height.In that sad context, to see people’s eyes showed that desperate to see the homes are fragmented, both physically and mentally despair.It was a dead-like days, no electricity, no communication, no shelter, no contacts, no hope, only that tears mountains and that muddy water.  ”5.12 “abnormal cold that night, surrounded by dark, dilapidated buildings collapse from time to time there are voices, followed by a flurry of panic is that people are sadly in the dark.High daytime temperatures that day, I was wearing shorts and short sleeves, around the campfire at night still shivering.That night my life longest night, I kept at the time, but time is almost stagnant.The night is so long, the night is so dark, the night was so cold.When the sky just before dawn, everybody is really excited, finally came alive to survive.  The next day, my mother and sixties walk back home from a sandbar Qingchuan county.All the way through, mountains changed appearance, the earth leaving traces everywhere are desperate tragedy as, the bodies of their loved ones placed on the roadside under the scorching sun, coming and going all the way to find the families of loved ones, aftershocks also continued to tear the earth, we are in such a way, to go more than ten hours.A sixty-year-old so I walk for six and seventy difficult road, not been to a drop of water.I’m scared now in retrospect, if the old road accident, how can I do, how I want to do, how can I do, how I face parents who work.  Since then, the earthquake left in my life, I became the courage and power to face life and death have experienced, there is nothing to fear it alive.  After coming to Wuxi, I deeply feel strange southern style, also started my college life happy.Blink of an eye a few years later, I met a lot, learned a lot, grown up also graduated.  Whether you some things will not, understand it or not, I want, do not do it, as long as you get to that time period, stood in that position, you have to face, you have to accept.You may do well, you may do poorly, you probably can not do anything, but the days are over in a day, you are also a way of life go step by step, which is composed of living life.    Part Six: End of the World on the road along the way, the fish Shen Yan Yao, knowing the people, the only way to go dust.  —Inscription.  Shaohua perishable, Liuniansishui.Run over the years, only precipitated the past, cherish the memory of just once.Along the way, there are too many touches and insights.Experienced many also matured a lot: become more wise and less naive promise.When I look back, just know that behind some unfinished story, very deep, very lingering.I do not know what time, like to be alone, I learned to silence.Very relaxed, very pleasant stroll in the outskirts of the farm road.A man quietly, without any distractions, reclining on the old willow tree, indulge in drunken broken light that stained shadow.Readily blowing across Reversed Xi Liu, eyes closed, let it lightly across the cheek, feel the soft, that light, that smell, that unique atmosphere.At dusk, breezy, wheat fields ze, Dove’s flying, Li Yi beauty into a unique and funny.Floating sprinkled with a touch of flavor, Ying wound around, seemingly in Wonderland, deemed Dream.Everything seemed to put harmony and tranquility.  Traveled before the line, more than a dash of worry and emotion.Looking back, time stamp, only to find once the passage of the years has quietly confusion between.  Gray twilight, inclusive of the hustle and bustle of day and night, encounter out a hint of demure, added a bit mysterious and hazy beauty.  Long years, bearing the number of touching stories, to extend the number of Gone with the Wind rain emotions, recording how many romantic tenderness, composed a number of songs of life.  The vast earth, and placed hopes and dreams of how many thinkers, the interpretation of the number of true feelings, calm and transcendent interpretation of how much life.  Along the way, time like water, light and light.Separated only miss those years the flowering season, the rainy time.Collection of soul episode, just like the high mountains of smoke, get rid of, not forget.  Many times always wanted a baffling question: Why do people come to this world, then silent day after the departure of a sudden.Perhaps this in others it seems very naive or silly.But I think ever, because the meaning of that perception and understanding.Casual day when the window overlooking their own that dark, vast, deep, broad night sky, a meteor rapidly across, then disappeared in the sky.Suddenly, the thought of what a burst of joy, is pleased to come to the front desk, scrawled wrote: along the way.  Everything seems to fall nervous ups and downs, but Danru Qingyun, quiet as the lake.  Vast world, people have changed.Along the way, seems to have lost what.Little memory, and pieces of the past, all worldly prosperity as the great tide, there is a moment of rapid, but also a moment of retreat.Former Kam color Love, peacefulness, bright colors are like a montage of emotional impact, people should not take ya, but years of erosion, dilute, immersed.Along the way, to her mind: stay away from his hometown.When alone, dragging a heavy pack, set foot on the train south moment, the heart suddenly have a sense of haunting, cry, think.Rapid and looked out the window over the scene, there is no thought, just sit there and stare, long, long time.Until the train passes through a tunnel, dark eyes, slowly recovered.I realize I had left her eyes in the dim, with a kind of nostalgia and sadness.All in all value it?Values you?Values you.Buckle ourselves, I once again ignite full of fighting spirit.Listening to the sound of the train forward, into a long meditation.Along the way, feeling a little tired, but his faith has never faded, because we are dreamers, he is his own man.Postscript: along the way, perhaps time can change a lot of things, but everything’s story will continue, all the events of the past will slowly accumulate in the heart, precipitation is a very beautiful, sweet, warm, dignified care to become a most precious possession.    Part Seven: Along the way in 2010 for me is an extraordinary year.   From out of the gate they stepped into the door of society, without any psychological preparation of the case, but had to accept the “student” to “social” role reversal, when everything was still to come fast and panic when disturbed, the pressure to survive overwhelming hit me, I have no way to dodge, so I can only accept.Guangzhou, the first leg of my journey society; to this purchase, in the winter of 2010 a soothing the extreme cold of the soul wandering in a foreign land.When the students around you is to work things back and forth non-stop, I’ve got into the heat of the air-conditioned office; when students around complaining about low wages is not enough month’s living expenses, I in addition to their own lives only outside but also somewhat surplus; when students around tired and could no longer run around the pace forward, I can reach out to them and give them a little help.So, I was lucky, I’m grateful for it all I got.Had just arrived, everything around is strange, strange city, strange people, strange life and strange work.Only work in order to survive, to the moment when I walked into this purchase, there is no curiosity, more of a panic, I do not know how long I can stay at this pace, I was afraid to be ruthless abandon.Panic aside, I adjust my emotions, I dedicate myself to this strange work, during that long and full of interesting learning process, not just my harvest familiar with the business, but also gain a friendship , as well as to enhance their ability to feel at home, all this makes me firmly to their pace, so I have the courage to accept all future!  When the body layer by layer of winter clothes positive faded, the spring has walked the footsteps close to us, the bus sat in the city of Guangzhou spin when the lush trees on both sides of the street with my colleagues, I feel really good.I was naive to think that, in the spring there will be a storm, a storm can come in when I was unprepared, I was a little caught off guard, internal rectification, I was transferred to a newly established department, my heart suddenly cooled, not tears conscious eyes out, this time to comfort friends and colleagues are somewhat feeble, how I can get out of the heart of the piece of dead end, I thought of leaving, and some seem to be reconciled.When I want to go tell the head of the mean time, she insisted suggested I try a month, finally, I give myself the opportunity, with a month’s time to prove themselves!  In the new department, I began a new study, insisted half the time, my performance ranked first among all people, I was transferred back to the original department.After that day, I know how to cherish, cherish every opportunity you can to prove his!  The next few months, all special smoothly, once the envy of the strong, I gradually understand: In fact, the strong also came from the ordinary!In fact, you can also do it!  2010, 365 days, cried laughed, too sad joy too, after tempering, a solid pace; after scouring the direction of the firm.